Liechtenstein Stamps on Renewable Energy

The Liechtenstein Post launches the second part of its \”Renewable Energy\” series.This\"\" series of stamps started in 2010 features such energy sources, which are self-renewing and thus sustainably available resources.

\”Photovoltaics\” (face value CHF 1.00) is one of the few possible means of obtaining electricity from renewable energy. It works by converting solar energy directly into electricity by means of solar cells, which are predominantly made from silicon. Appropriately therefore this stamp also depicts a solar power module. By 2013 the installed capacity of the existing photovoltaic systems in Liechtenstein is to be increased by a factor of 2.5.

\”Solar energy\” (face value CHF 1.10) can however also be used to produce heat. This is done by means of the solar panels illustrated on the stamp, which are generally mounted on house roofs. In this field the aim is to triple the total area of solar panels in Liechtenstein by 2013.

The significance in Liechtenstein of \”Wind power\” (face value CHF 2.90) is still slight, despite the sometimes strong winds. In Liechtenstein\’s few wind turbines rotation of the rotors is converted into electrical energy and fed into the general electricity grid.A heat-sensitive ink has also been used in this stamp series designed by Vito Noto. The body heat of a finger pressed on the black thermal ink causes a colored pictogram to appear which represents the energy which can be regenerated.


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