Special Cover\’s on Jainism theme released in Kanpur

By- Dr. Pradeep Jain (Image contribution)Anil Kr.Pujara

Jain religion is one of the oldest religion of the world.The grand celebrations of Panchkalyanak Mahotasawa are a week long grand events.On the occassion of Sri Majjinendra panchkalyanak Mahotaswa at Sri Digamber Jain mandir,Aandpuri Kanpur 6th to 11th march a set of six covers are going to be released.First day Dhwaja that is flag hoisting day was celebrated on 6th march.Then Garbha Kalyanak which means coming to womb when mother Trishala dreamed 16 swapanas with all different things with their meaning indicating the qualities of to be born lord child.The next event is Janm kalyanak that is the birth of god which is celebrated as lord grading in swing and all others do religeous dances to express thier happiness.The third part of Panchkalyanak Mahotasaw is Tap kalyanak means time of meditation which was usually done over the hills.Gyan kalyanak is the time when lord achieved the great knowledge for the betterment of humanity.The last day of event is the final destination called Moksha- Kalyanak when the God leaves this world achieves the freedom.Out of total 24 thirthankars 20 has attainded liberation or moksha from Sammed Shikharji sidha chhetra which is situated in Jharkhand state.
In past years also set of five special covers were released on these Panchkalyanak celebrations from Calcutta in Feb 1989 and 1992.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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