New denomination in Magyar Posta stamp

\"\"Magyar Posta (Hungary) is issuing a new denomination in its regular stamp series on antique furniture.The new denomination is a version of the HUF 7 stamp in the series History of Furniture – Antique Furniture IV reprinted in a different colour, with a new face value and marked with the current year of issue. The graphic design and inscriptions of the stamp are unchanged.The stamp design shows a chair from Totkomlos in Bekes county made in 1853 from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. The background printing features an enlarged detail of the back of the chair.



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2 Responses to New denomination in Magyar Posta stamp

  1. Miato says:

    Que mensaje encantador


    Here in India we care exclusively about who is/or was sitting on the chair, instead. And not the furniture.
    That’s why India Post has yet to take notice of the humble
    ‘Mooda’ . Our tupenny single seat “sofa” woven from dried
    patel weeds, thousands & lacs of these can be seen at lawns & in
    verandas in villages as well as power-mansions of almost
    each & every politician in the Rajdhani as well as in all the State

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