Israel will release stamp on Prof.Ephraim Katzir

Israel will release a stamp on Professor Ephraim Katzir (Katchalski), fourth President of Israel in next month.Katzir was born on 16 May\"\" 1916 in Kiev, Ukraine.The Katchalski family lived in the Polish city of Lodz from 1920 to 1925, before immigrating to Eretz Israel. Katzir began his education in Israel at the “Herzliya” Hebrew Gymnasium in Tel-Aviv, until the family moved to Jerusalem, where he continued his studies at the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem.Within the framework of his positions as Science Corps Commander and Security Forces Head Scientist, Katzir contributed greatly to the security forces and to the civilian defense industry.President Katzir was the first Israeli president to be raised and educated in Israel from a young age and to serve in the IDF, as well as the first to host an incumbent U.S. president, Richard Nixon, and accompany an Arab head of state, Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, during his visit to Jerusalem.

After concluding his term as President of Israel, Katzir divided his time between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Tel-Aviv University, where he founded the Biotechnology Center.


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