Algeria stamps on International year of Forests

\"\"Algeria post issued a set of four stamps on 26 Jan. 2011 featuring four different trees to mark the International year of forest.
CHENE-LIEGE:Originally from North Africa, the cork oak is a tree of the family Fagaceae exploited for its bark, which provides the cork. This tree much more prevalent in eastern Algeria can live for several centuries and does not generally exceed 15 meters.

Carob:The carob tree is native to Mediterranean regions. This tree widespread in the culture adapts to the arid slopes. Measuring five to seven meters high, it may exceptionally reach fifteen meters.The trunk is large and twisted, bark brown and rough. The carob tree is an ornamental tree for its foliage, which provides shade appreciated. The large leaves from twelve to thirty centimeters are persistent. The flowers appear from August to October and give the carob fruit.

ARGANIER:A tree living in the Tindouf area, which attracted the attention of botanists for centuries. The argan tree is a thorny 8 to 10 meters high, with leaves reduced. Its silhouette is typical: large crown and round, gnarled trunk, tortuous and rather short, often consisting of interlaced parts. The flowers appear white to greenish yellow in May – JuneIt is undemanding in terms of ground and finds himself perfectly adopted to the arid south-western Algeria. Experiences of introducing the argan tree are conducted in the region of Dahr.

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