Swiss stamp on 50 Year\’s of WWF

\"\"Swiss Post is dedicating a special stamp to WWF, which was established 50 years ago in Switzerland. On the CHF 1 stamp, a panda draws attention to the issues advocated by the world\’s largest environmental organization. The diversity of nature is highlighted by four special stamps on vegetable blossoms or the honeycomb-shaped stamp featuring the western honey bee. Other highlights of the current stamp issue include the special stamps marking the UN International Year of Chemistry and the 100th anniversary of Max Frisch. The Festus and Mercury stamp is an exclusive. Sven Nordquist, the Swedish author of the cult picture books whose subtle humour also delights adults, designed the stamp exclusively for Swiss Post. The stamp pays homage to Swiss cheese and shows tomcat Mercury carving an Emmental cheese out of wood. These and other new special stamps are available now and valid for an unlimited period as of 3 March.

The giant panda has been the hallmark of WWF, founded in Switzerland in 1961, since its inception. Consequently, it is fitting that a panda should adorn the special stamp designed by Pierre Aerni for the world\’s largest environmental protection organization. The rare animal\’s main source of food is also an element of the motif. The mandatory Helvetia lettering at the left-hand edge is composed of bamboo shoots.

The special CHF 0.85 stamp dedicated to the western European honey bee is eye-catching. The stamp is hexagonal and shaped like a honeycomb. It refers to the activities of around 13,000 beekeepers in the apiary association in German-speaking and Romansh-speaking Switzerland.

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