Canada-New stamps on flower\’s

Canada Post has released 10  stamps on Sunflower\’s. Canada Post\’s Stamp Services team\"\" picked out several sunflower varieties that would appear most attractive on stamps, and then met with horticultural experts at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada\’s Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. After choosing cultivars suitable for local growing conditions, the Central Experimental Farm experts planted and tended the sunflowers from seed to seedling and on to mature flowering beauty.

The full line of sunflower stamps, including booklets of 10 stamps, souvenir sheets of two stamps, a matching notecard and stamp set, coils of 50 stamps  a stamp dispenser, and postage paid postcards are available at Canada Post retail outlets  or order online at stamps are pressure sensitive and printed on Tullis Russell paper using lithography in five colours. They are general tagged on four sides


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