Akihabara\’s 1st Official Stamps for Sale in March

\"\"The Akihabara Shopping District Promotion Cooperative and Collabo Soken Inc. announced that that they will release the \”first ever official stamp set\” for Tokyo\’s Akihabara Otaku shopping district at the end of March. The set includes 10 50-yen (about 60-cent) stamps with five original designs and postcards with original art works. The price for each of the 1,000 limited-edition sets is 3,980 yen (US$49).

The designs and art for the stamp set come from five different works:Black Rock Shooter (Good Smile Company), SONICOMI (Nitroplus),Maoyū/Mao Yūsha (Enterbrain, Inc.), Steins;Gate (5pb.Inc), and Smile Shooter (Yamasa Company, Limited). The set will debut at the AnimeContents Expo (ACE) on March 26 and 27, and will then be sold atANIMATE stores nationwide.(source-ANIME NEWS NETWORK)


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