A unique 0.5 meter long souvenir sheet on 200th anniversary of ARGENTINA

\"\"By-Dr.Pradeep Jain
\"\"On 20th May 2010 a 500X100 mm souvenir sheet was issued by Argentina.The whole sheet’s design is based on a Bicentenary Mural which was a homage to the 200th anniversary of Argentina. This mural highlights the social processes and the ways of \”the man in the street\” as the saying goes.Originally, the mural had been created during the 2008 Buenos Aires Book fair when painter Miguel Rep started drawing it in front of general public during the one month long Fair by using pen, markers and acrylic paint in actual size 11.66m x 2.4m.\"\"
This mural shows the history of Republic of Argentina from 1810 to 2010.This sheet contains 12 stamps of $1,50 denomination in different sizes.This sheet is printed on paper without any watermark.The speciality of this sheet is its 500mm lenght and used colour which is very specific. Two special colours, plus a metallized ink.A UV shellac has been applied by sectors over different parts of designs, as well as a pigmented shellac with legends traced upon the \”river image\” running all over the lower part of miniature sheet.\"\"\"\"
Every stamp shows different stories as the first one shows the Bunenos Aires town hall.On May 25th,1810 the people celebrates the creation of the first national government Junta.This sheet is supplied in a cover along with a booklet containing every detail amout this mural and the sheet.
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