Luxembourg marks milestone birthdays with new stamps

\"\"The Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg has a year of milestone birthdays, the first has been celebrated and the second is to come.  To mark the milestones Luxembourg Post and Telecommunications has announced that on March 15th, 2011 they will issue two new stamps both priced at €1.95 and both at ten stamps per sheet.  The first will mark HRH Grand Duke Jean\’s 90th B\’Day which passed on Jan.5th with a large family celebration.  He served his country for 36 years as the Grand Duke before stepping aside in October of 2000 in favor of the current Grand Duke, Henri.  The second will mark the 30th birthday of HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume on November 11th.  As of yet no plans have been announced around a celebration to mark the birthday of the Hereditary Grand Duke, but one is expected.  Each year Luxembourg P&T issues a new stamp with the image of one member of the Grand Ducal family.  This year just happened to have two major birthdays in the family.

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