Serbia released stamp on 120th Birth Anniversary of Milan Budimir

\"\" Milan Budimir was one of the most important Serbian classical philologists. Born in 1891. in Varcar Vakuf (today Mrkonjic Grad). Educated in Sarajevo and studied classical philology at the University of Vienna, where he obtained his doctorate 1920th with a thesis “The storm demons in Indo-European peoples.” That same year, he was elected first assistant, and soon an assistant professor in the Department of Classical Philology Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, then associate professor and then full 1938th year.As a student, he was engaged in national political circles of Serbian youths and a member of Young Bosnia. At that time he published articles in Srbobran from Zagreb and Echo from Belgrade, editor of Slavic South and New work. Milan Budimir was a war invalid, and since 1922. he was completely blind. As a researcher of high-ranking elected in 1948. years of correspondence, and 1955th a full member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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