San Marino stamps of February 2011

50th Ann. of  Luigi Einaudi

\"\"On the 50th anniversary of the demise of Luigi Einaudi, the Republic of San Marino commemorates this master of freedom and founding father of the new Republican State which he imprinted with his own belief in freedom and democracy. An illustrious exponent of that liberal-democratic school of thought that decisively contributed to the Risorgimento (Italian unification) and to the rebirth of Italy after the Second World War, an esteemed Governor of the Bank of Italy, a brilliant journalist, he was a man of politics both inside and outside Parliament and later President of the Italian Republic (1948-1955); a man who was wise, adept and discreet.

50th Ann of the San Marino Choir

The San Marino Choir was the brainchild of Maestro Cesare Franchini Tassini who brought\"\" together choir members and lovers of music and singing in general. In the beginning the choir’s activity was exclusively linked to liturgical activity in the Republic with performances of religious music. In 1964 the technical direction was taken over by Maestro Padre Gaspare Stipa, an organist and opera composer, who extended the repertoire to include profane and folk music. The San Marino Choir has appeared in San Marino and leading choral centres across Italy, as well as giving concerts in Europe and the United States. In 1991 Maestro Fausto Giacomini took over the direction, and the choir’s activity was further extended with numerous compositions for choir and orchestra, performed at prestigious choir and music festivals in addition to various editions of the San Marino concert season.

\"\"MONET, CÉZANNE, RENOIR, and the other stories of painting in France

A great set of stamps featuring historical paintings produced by the French Painters Monet, Cezanne and Renoir during their glorious years.


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