India-New stamp on La Martiniere Schools

\"\"India Post today released a commemorative stamp today on La Martinierel Schools .La Martinierel is a non-denominational public school in India (Kolkata  and Lucknow) and in France (Lyon).La Martiniere Schools were founded posthumously by Major General Claude Martinin the early 19th century. Martin had acquired a large fortune while serving the Nawab of Awadh   Asaf-ud-Daula and bequeathed a major part of his estate to establish the schools. His will outlined every detail of the schools, from their location to the manner of celebrating the annual Founder\’s\"\" Day. The seven branches function independently, but maintain close contacts and share most traditions.

La Martiniere College Lucknow was awarded a Battle Honour – \’Defence of Lucknow\’ for the part the staff and pupils played in the Defence of the Residency at Lucknow during the  Mutiny of 1857 – the only school in the world so distinguished.


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    Thank you for this information.Do you know how i could get aroudn to buying this. I am based in New Delhi ?

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