Rotary International with Pulse Polio Project

By-Sudhir Jain\"\"

Today is Pulse Polio Sunday.Rotary International had started Polio Plus pro gramme in the year 1986.All the Rotary clubs of the world are actively involved in the project.Lot of stamps,FDCs,Special cover\’s and cancellations have been issued by various countries on this Rotary Project in the past as well as during Rotary centenary.\"\"\"\"

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3 Responses to Rotary International with Pulse Polio Project

  1. Hello!

    Could you please let me know which Rotary Club Started the Pulse Polio Project in the world. I believe it is Rotary Club of Madras in 1985. Please correct me.

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Rtn. Carlos Canseco, who served as RI president in 1984-85 had launched PolioPlus, Rotary’s ambitious program aimed at eradicating polio, during his term as RI president. Polio Plus Project was approved by the Rotary International in the year 1984-85 and adopted from July 1986 by all the Rotary Clubs of the world. Therefore it is very difficult to say which Club started it first.

  3. Thanks a lot.

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