Khadi Stamp:Is it Donation for INDIPEX-2011 or penalty for advance booking?

Dr.Pradeep Jain
I have received my two packets of advance booked presentation packs of Gandhi Khadi stamp.Thanks a lot to India Post.It was supplied in a simple thin paper envelope in torn condition.While booking this item Indiapost website was confused, initially for speedpost delievery it asked @ Rs.275/ then after three days they asked for Rs 25/ for total postage.Still the website shows-

\”The Presentation Pack

can be delivered via Speedpost at an additional fixed cost of Rs.25 only. Simply fill\"\" the Pre-Order Form below and choose this as the Mode of Delivery. Send a copy of the Confirmation Mail that you receive along with a Demand Draft of the amount (Rs.250 x Quantity + Rs.25) for your order, made in favour of World Philatelic Exhibition/Indipex-2011\”

Thereafter when we talked to Mr. Kala Delhi he clearly stated that after deducting the postal charges the remaining amount will be refunded along with dispatch.But this packet is containing only 10 presentation packs without any covering letter or refund letter.What we expect with such supply is a reciept of amount for accounting, a letter of thanks for booking the material along with way of refund in a good waterproof envelope.For ten packs we have paid Rs 2500/+250/,whereas postal charge is only Rs 50/ as it is clear on reciept.
What about remaining Rs.200/ is it the penalty for advance booking and advance payment? Will it require a RTI or a consumer forum for refund?I think INDIPEX was a mega looting event like selling a Gandhi miniature sheet valued Rs 100/ at the cost of Rs 250/, aerophilately cover at the cost of Rs 5000/ and the height of exploitation was heroins FDC sold in Rs 500/ then after protest it was reduced to Rs 34.What a great idea Sirjee to organise this great event.\"\"
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10 Responses to Khadi Stamp:Is it Donation for INDIPEX-2011 or penalty for advance booking?

  1. Tolaram Bothra says:

    Dear Sir, I have sent Draft for Rs. 2750/= ( being value for 10 packs is Rs.2500/=+ Rs. 275/- towards postage charges whereas speed post charges only Rs. 78/= as being seen on the receipt pested over the envelop. Kindly arrange to refund the balance amount by a/c payee cheque and send the same at the address given at the time of placing order. Further please let me know how much total khadi stamps printed/released as it shows 0.01 Million on the cover. Kindly confirm. Rgds:Tolaram Bothra
    Tolaram Bothra

  2. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Dr Jain, you are lucky because you have already got it. I am yet to receive mine. Thinking that I only had to sent Rs 25 extra for the speedpost chargest, I had sent a D/D of Rs 2525/- favouring “World Philatelic Exhibition/Indipex-2011” for procuring 10 Nos Khadi Stamps. I had sent the draft via speed post on 13th Jan 2011. Later on, I had got a call from Delhi Indiapost today saying that 225 more rupees is required otherwise the order would be cancelled. I sent another demand draft of Rs 225/- favouring “World Philatelic Exhibition/Indipex-2011”.

    I am yet to receive the stamps till date! I had called Dak Bhawan and checked whether it has been sent. The reply I got was it was already sent by “Speeeeeeeeeeeeeed Post”, and I should wait for 3-4 more days…!

  3. mahendra telang says:

    I had sent payment alongwith email confirmation on 14 th Feb.11 for 10 sets.I am yet to receive them.
    Mahendra Telang,Sangli

  4. mahendra telang says:

    Rec’d intact,but Rs.78/-stamp affixed while I was charged Rs.250/-???

  5. dr. Pradeep Jain says:

    you just demand for your money, for this u send a photocopy of ur d/d along with ur booking no which is printed on ur cover at left top of address slip to that same Mr KALA.


    I received my quota of 10 pre-ordered Khadi Stamps in time less than a month ago. But the big poly-lined cover was completely ripped on the left side. But, somehow all the 10 packs remained intact. Mind, I have been a PDA holder for more than 30 years now & have always received stamps etc. in a cloth-lined cover that requires a big pair of scissors. No,wonder I have always received my cover totally enclosed & safe. Why the same cover was discarded in favor of the one they chose & used?

  7. anil kr pujara says:

    The refund of extra money recd bu INDIA POST on account of postage of PP is more smooth than getting the PP.

  8. Bernard Rodrigues says:

    I have purchased 10 packs of Gandhi with an additional cost fo Rs. 250 towards postage while the envelope shows a postage fee of Rs. 87/- only. Till now the remaining amount is not refunded. The concerned authorities has to justify as to why the refund is not made till date. I hope that this wont be another scam in the offing. I am looking forward for immediate reply without further delay.

  9. dr pradeep Jain says:

    Dear Bernard,
    You will definately get the refund, only thing is you have to send a demand letter with xerox of recipt and booking no.As I have recieved the refund of Rs 200/ and the name on cheque was wrong so I requested for correction and again I received the corrected one within a week.

  10. Dinu says:

    I did not even know how much I have paid extra due to euphoria of being able to book the Khadi stamp. I have received my 5 in good condition and well packed.

    I have to search my all paper to see if I, too, am eligible for a refund. Can they not do it automatically. Sorry I should not have asked the silly question.

    Only one thing is not clear to me – on the first day they sold for 3 -4 hours ( I was there but on a different line due to the nice management we had there) Khadi MS without presentation packs @ Rs. 100/- each. Then it was abruptly stopped. Many people had purchased more than 5 pcs of those. I was not one of them. I just want to know who took that decision of selling only MS and who stopped it. For whose benefit was it sold without presentation pack?
    I think I have to file an RTI (or shall we wait till Janlokpal bill is passed) to get these answer.
    Can anyone out there kindly guide me how to file an RTI at India post.
    I can go to GPO very easily.
    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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