Russia-Aland Joint issue

Russia and Aland released a joint stamp issue this year on the occasion of 150th\"\"anniversary of the foundation of Mariehamn – the capital of the Aland Islands. It\’s the smallest of all the Scandinavian capitals, but the third largest port in Finland.The history of Mariehamn (\”Maria\’s Harbour\”) is connected to the Crimean War, which determined the fate of Aland as demilitarized islands. After the war, the local inhabitants turned to Alexander II a petition about the foundation on the main island of a port city, which was suggested to call in honor of the Emperor\’s wife Maria Alexandrovna. Tsar\’s manifesto from February 4, 1859 permitted the foundation of Mariehamn, a diploma signed on Feb. 20, 1861 establishes the status of the city.

The stamp depicts the map of Mariehamn and the portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna (1857).

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  1. Datta Dharmadhikari, Kolhapur (Maharashtra) Retd. Manager, Stat Bank of India says:

    Regarding philatelic passport, at some countries stall, they were charging
    Rs.100 for each stamp. This is nothing but looting the philatelists and children(budding stamp collectors). On the first day, I had purchased Mother Teresa stamp for Rs.22 on USA counter when an American lady was managing the counter. After 2 days, when the counter was managed by an Indian fellow, I had to pay Rs.40 for the same stamp. When aked, the fellow replied in arrogant manner. This is disgusting. On Sri Lanka counter also, they were charging 2-3 times more for the item than its real value. When asked, one fellow replied that they have to recover all their expenses including air-fair, lodging boarding and stall charges. Is not their Govt. paying these charges or these are to be receoved from philatelists? On one of the Indian dealer’s stalls, used Indian stamps nicely dressed in Hawis’ mounts were being sold for Rs.100 each. It was really Dealers’ Paradise.

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