Hungary stamp on EU

Magyar Posta released  a  stamp on 7th Feb.2011 to mark the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

\"\"Between 1 January and 30 June 2011 Hungary holds the office of the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Hungary’s task will be to shape the issues on the agenda of the European Union to match the interests of the 27 Member States. The presidency also has unique and extraordinary importance from several other aspects. It is a widely held view among the Member States that the first rotating presidency is a kind of baptism of fire. It is only when a member state manages this complicated decision-making mechanism that it truly comes to understand it. The presidency involves political, diplomatic, professional and communication duties, and the results achieved in these affect the perception of the given member state. These six months will make Hungary more visible as a member state both within and outside the European Union, and will raise consciousness of the advantages and opportunities of the European Union in domestic public opinion.

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