Khadi Stamp:Cartoon


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9 Responses to Khadi Stamp:Cartoon

  1. Naresh Agrawal says:

    Poojniya Gandhi Ji…..This in fact is a tribute to you. Jab Roti Mehngi ho gayee ho to Khadi kya cheese hai. Waise bhi sastee vastu ki koyee ahmiyat nahee hoti. So, this is an honor to u that the item promoted by you is being so gladly accepted and sold at such high prices.Also Khadi is supposed to be national cloth of India….How can it be so cheap???????………….. Bhai Bharat ki izzat ka sawaal hai.
    Further, this is a lesson for sales training organizations to learn from this as to how a small piece of khadi is sold to fetch such a big amount when a full dhoti can not. What a packaging and sales technique….wow!!!

  2. Manish Agrawal says:

    Dear Bapuji,
    Aap shayad bhool rahe hai, shaadi karne ke time Ladki ko bhi khoob sajaaya jata hai, bhai maal kaisa bhi ho Packaging attractive honi chaaiye. Probably P&T dept mein koi marketing wala banda ghus gaya hai. Tabhi simple living High thinking ka idea promote karnewale Ghandiji ko bhi nahi baksha gaya. Hail India ……..Mogambo khus hua……Bapuji plz bura na mane kuyonki Holi aa rahi hai……..

  3. KP says:

    I think by keeping price high Indian post did a good thing other wise dealer will buy more and sell it at high price same way currently they are doing for 1995 Gandhi sheet of Rs. 8(10).

    So instead of cartoon at Indian Post it should point to dealers “that they cannot get good return on investment.”.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Gargsaab,
      Until 3 days back presentation pack was available in face value from Sansad marg HPO.

      Thank you very much for coining the new term “investment philatelist”.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear KP,

      In my small experience I have seen price does not deter those who hoards the stamps .

      They know if the supply can be brought the demand will automatically increase and one can always fins a helping hand in department when the payment is right. Again, why do those poor soul suffers in measly government salary when everyone knows in philately there is a good market. Please think that they too have small mouths to feed at home and they too like to have certain extraordinary luxary without working for it like those “investment philately”
      let us all agree and accept that we are a nation of corrupt people and our earning potential does not depend on our knowledge or hard honest work but with the right connections we have in right places (look at R brothers in , Maran brother,…. the list is endless) – In chinese there is a term which sounds like “Gunaxi” (forgive me for the spelling mistake) and a equivalent term which can explain the situation in India.
      Go on writing to any goevernment department politely (not RTI – I mean) and 99% chances are you will never get response.

      Incredible India … ah, ah, ah.

  4. Dinu says:

    I came to know that cost of production was only Rs 27.00 and the extra was charged for organising Indipex 2011.

    So respected Bapuji – pranam. You should not have grudge for it as India post has become a “sharanagata” to you. Thy grace has saved them.
    I do not find anything wrong in making India post richer rather than certain individual, who are making a living out of the hobby by unscrupulous means.

    But again to revive the short lived memory of public I pose a question to you, which has been asked to many few times before – May be they will pay attention to the question from you, even though IP did not pay royalty to you,

    — why was only the MS ( I mean without packaging, which can be considered as semi dressed dulah) sold across the counter for approximate 4 hours on first day of INDIPEX 2011? Loss to IP @150 Rs per pcs. Is the responsible has been punished to sale your stamp in such way and causing loss to exchequer.

    — Department of India post is silent on this issue. Silence is golden.

    Pranam to you all again.


    Dear Mr. Dinu,
    On the internet a Khadi MS is going for Rs.250.- whereas the
    Gandhi Presentation Pack is being sold for around Rs.450/500.-
    India Post sure lost some money for some first one hour or so.
    But Investment Philatelists are paying almost the same in the

  6. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Cotton spun by hand or by Charkha=Takli+ woven over Khaddi by hand== called Khadi.Does any of these criteria/fact are with khadi stamp ,please examine.


    You are technically correct, Mishrajee.

    But, Khadi over time has morphed into a Brand.

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