Indipex 2011:A Lifetime Experience of Witnessing A Mega Phil-Event

By Dr.Pradeep Jain

\"\"I am in stamp collecting since last thirty five years but it was the first time that I attended any International philatelic exhibition.It was great opportunity for so many things. In the Capital of India, Pragati Maidan , the best venue for any international event was very attractive. As soon as I entered and crossed the booths and passed the way the led me to the exhibition area, the mammoth hall, was filled with endless rows of frames with excellent philatelic material!!

\"\"I never had an opportunity to see such an event at such a large scale in my life. I could only heared about ten rupees GANDHI SERVICE stamps. And beieve me, suddenly when I saw a full sheet of the same I was stunned.The Nasik printing press area was filled with full sheets of all Gandhi issues and original sketches of so many beautiful stamps.

It proved for me a golden opportunity to see and observe several international stamps collections by many of the philatelists from across the globe. In traditional and postal history some of the foriegn collections were beyond our knowledge.But I enjoyed many of the thematic collections on so many variety of subjects.

\"\"It as there itself that I was exposed to witness that how many themes an topics/subjects could be worked out with philatelic materials. Any small thing can become a detail subject of research like a bow, sea or scouting can be spread upto five frames and can win the medals as well !!

This week long festival was full of events.Organising this big event was only possible with the involevement of India Post having manpower and funds.

All the booths specially foriegn stalls were attracting the visitors.I had so many telephonic philatelic friends but this event gave us an opportunity of meeting and knowing each other and face to face.

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