Khadi Stamp On Gandhiji At Indipex2011:Philatelists\’ Communiques

Khadi Stamp on Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most sought after stamp and it was evident at the INDIPEX2011. India Post counter was buzzing with philatelists and because of mismanagement it turned out to be a big chaos. Philatelists who were present there and felt hurt expressed their views to Phila Mirror as under;

\"\"According to Er.H.K Jain, \”khadi stamps presentation packs shows total printing quantity of khadi stamp miniature sheets are 0.01 million ( it means only 10000 Nos. ) but postal staff official persons ( those selling it, at counters ) inform total quantity of khadi stamp miniature sheets is 0.1 million ( 1 lakh ) not 10000 as printed in presentation packs. Who is correct ?If it is printing mistake in presentation pack ,then it is moral duty of Postal Department to clarify regarding actual printing quantity of Khadi stamp miniature sheets by issue a official notice\”.

Sunil Kumar Garg shared his experience of Khadi stamp at Indipex2011 and said,\”I personally did not like it any much. And of course. no compromises when it comes to the show of real worth of something. 100 paisa or 100 rupees? Please re-issue it in unified rupee symbol  and sell it for what it is worth when used on the speed parcel\”.

The worries of subsequent availability of the khadi stamp was equally disturbing the mins of philatelists.Will the stamps be made available to other philatelists who could not visit the event and are spread over the country.\”Another question bothering everybodys mind is whether this MS of Gandhi stamp will be sold only in the exhibition or it will be sent for sale all over country at Bureaus and will it be supplied to PDA holders. If it will be supplied to PDA holders then will it be in the form of Presentation Pack or loose MS as it was initially sold on the Day -1\”, says Anil K.Pujara a well known philatelist.

\"\"It was a common plight for the philatelists to see the fight to get khadi stamp at the INDIPEX2011. Kamran Ahmed expressed his displeasure and said,\”It was wonderful to see how people were fighting and shouting all the time in Queues for Khadi stamp purchase.The people were so keen to take Khadi stamp and I think this was the world record crowd to buy a stamp.Arrangements were really poor,India Post people also under estimated the demand for Khadi stamp,If this stamp is really a limited edition than they should  go for more prints\”.

Sankha Samanta, the designer of this most popular khadi stamp on Gandhi wishes to \”thank all philatelists, media persons and all postage stamp lovers who have appreciated my design of the Khadi Stamp\”. According to him ,\”It is a simple design, and Gandhiji for me was an embodiment of truth and simplicity. It has been truely a privilage for me to design this stamp\”.

Many people across th country did book the khadi stamp online as the INDIPEX2011 website offered this facility to everyone but since the site itself  gone dump immediately before the event no body knows what will happen to all thos online bookings. Sanjit Karamakar in a communique to Phila Mirror says,\”I have booked Khadi Gandi stamp online. All booking formalities are maintained. But do not get any confirmation. When the online booked materials are disbursed\”.

Kalesh Kumar S.G. from Trivandrum could feel the Gandhi effect in a sense at INDIPEX2011 and says,\”…I had to stand in queues for 5 hours waiting for the Gandhi presentation pack (It was in true Gandhiji style – Upavas (fasting) and Satyagraha!) In total, there is total lack of coordination and lots of gaps in giving correct information. This is supposed to be an international event. It should be managed professionally\”.

\"\"Neeraj Kumar goes even further cursing India Post, \”If you want to know how to torture your customers, learn from India Post. It was a nightmare for philatelists to get this Khadi Gandhi stamp who had booked online. There was one long queue for the payment and another for delivery while this could have been done with single queue. It took 3-4 hrs for people, who booked it online, to get pack of ten presentation pack, while staff was selling 1 or 2 presentation packs to anybody. I saw one lady buying atleast 30 presentation packs within 10-15 minutes. I would have done that had I not deposited the money. It would have saved my precious time. Besides, there was no intimation about identity card for online booking\”.

Sreejesh Krishnan feels that the \”India post has cheated with the khadi stamp of Gandhi Ji\”. It is totally out of our expectation. A small piece of Khadi only pasted on the stamp. In addition India post informed that limited number only will be printed but 1 lakh is not a limited number. India post is making only money by selling Gandhi just like dealers. They were making money to a tune of 2.5 crores, Insted of actul price of 1 crore\”.

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14 Responses to Khadi Stamp On Gandhiji At Indipex2011:Philatelists\’ Communiques

  1. bhargav says:

    i have still not received khadi stamp eventhough i had booked it online and done full payment byDD.

  2. atish jain says:

    It was very painful experience to buy Khadi stamps in the Indipex2011.
    Postal department had not only cheated us but they have tarnished the image of Father of Nation. It was total chaos in an international event. They(postal department) not only cared for the error they made in printing, but also they were careless in selling the stamps.
    They have no ideas,etc etc..ooph do hell with these ill mannered postal staff of INDIPEX2011.

  3. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    ‘Souvenir Sheet’ of Khadi Stamp of India.

    Regarding the Rs 100(or 100 Paisa) Khadi stamp of Mahatma Gandhi, should we call it a Miniature Sheet or Souvenir sheet.
    I’d say it’s a Souvenir sheet rather than a Miniature sheet…. reason is no other ordinary stamps are printed of the same.
    If that’s so , it ‘s the second Souvenir sheet of India…. first being Rs 45 Mother Teresa of 1997.
    Hope Post India clarify regarding the quantity printed …. 10,000 or 1,00,000
    I’d suggest (and so Mahatma too, if alive today) to Post India not to have gone for Rs 100 Khadi instead of a much minimum price of Rs 40. Repeatation of Rs 10 of 1948 Gandhi issues …..

  4. Ram Naresh Pareek says:

    I want to know that how much number of khadi stamps on Gandhiji printed under Indipex2011 because miniature shows only 0.01 Million only.


    I am keen to know what kind of glue has been used to stick that little
    piece of khadi onto the paper. Have the Indiapost experts gone for detailed & relevant tests to ensure it`s present appearance with age. I hope two types of glues, 2 different materials and 2 different inks age well together.

  6. Aranya Dutta Choudhury says:

    I have booked and paid thru demand draft for the Gandhi Stamp online. After that there had been no intimation from India Post despite several reminders. There are few phone numbers and cell number also in the website . But no one is bothering to reply me. This is nothing but cheating. Can we create an online petition thru this website . We cannot remain mute spectators and get frustrated in our own chairs.

  7. errorsofindianstmaps says:

    Can anyone confirm whether there will be an issue of Rs. 100 MS on khadi separately for Philatelic Bureaus…

    Also plz visit my blog on Indian stamps (Errors & Rarities) at

    Thank you

  8. Raghu says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve sent a DD for 10 sets, and till date I didn’t either receive the stamps or atleast an email/message that gives the status of the stamps. I’ve sent 2-3 emails and also tried reaching them on the mobile # provided. No response 🙂

    If there is a fraud from Private guys/sellers, we can report to the govt. What should we do, if govt. dept does the same 🙂 pity…

  9. Eruch says:

    I just want everyone to know that I too had sent a DD for Rs 2,525/= for 10 Gandhi Souvenir Sheets, on 18th February ’11.
    There was no response from their end for 3 weeks, after which I reminded them by email. They responded seeking details of the DD sent by me. After sending this, again dead quiet from their end. Just when I was about to write off my loss, lo and behold, the Speedpost package has arrived today with 10 Gandhi Sheets inside. So their response time appears to be 5 to 6 weeks.
    Yes, they must clarify the points raised by other writers, especially – is the quantity “0.01 million” as mentioned on the Sheet itself, or something different? How has the khadi been glued to the paper?

  10. Anand H says:

    I had also booked the Gandhi Presentation pack and sent the payment by DD. I have received the Presentation pack by post on 15 ht march 2011. hope every one will start getting their packs soon.

  11. jatin khanna says:

    i have some khadi stamps i got from indipex if anyone intrested let me know i can post u my phone no is 011-9999948173, 011-9268372023

  12. kieran says:

    cost is too much, INR 150 would have been fine for one item

  13. You make it sound very easy with all your powerpoint presentation however to locate this matter to get actually a thing that I think I’d by no means comprehend. That sort of can feel way too complex and really large for me personally. I will be having a look forward to your own pursuing posting, I’ll attempt to receive the hang on of it!

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