MY Stamp:How & Why India Post Stumbled Upon & Disappointed All

\”MY STAMP\”,It is one of the extremely popular term in Indian Philately these days.India Post made it so popular and publicized that anyone who comes to know about it expresses a desire to have his/her own \”personalized stamp\”, the \”MY Stamp\”.

India Post organized INDIPEX2011,the 6th World Philatelic Exhibition at Pragati Maidan,NewDelhi and the event concluded on February 18th,2011.\"\"My Stamp or the personalized stamp, was the concept introduced for the first time in India. Th concept is already popular in few other countries like Neitherlands. A person has to apply for such a prsonalized stamp and once approved will get his/her personalized stmp at requisite fee.

In India the India Post started this campaign with much fanfare and it terribly stumbled upon amidst gross chaos and mis-management.Prior to the event it was highly publicized and people especially the school going children were eagerly waiting to visit the INDIPEX2011 venue to get their own \”My Stamp\”.

But on the very first day itself India Post was stumped out as the arrangements at the INDIPEX 2011 My Stamp Counter proved to be quite insufficient and the officials and other staff just could not manage the show. My Stamp proved to be a fatal show for the India Post.

Why this has happened? How it happened? Let us have a look in deep and try to analyze.

India Post declayered that personalized stamps will be printed on specified templates of six different themes. A person would be required to come up with his/her photograph or will be photographed at the counter(as the case may be ) and then India Post will take a print out of the stamps sheet and will give it to the aspirant for a charge of Rs.150 per stamp sheet.

As it was almost evident from the displays at the \”My Stamp\” counter at the INDIPEX2011 venue there were partner(s) with India Post. For this purpose, India Post outsourced the work of taking snapshots, processing the photographs, and preparing the My Stamp sheets to the much renowned company(ies), Hewlett-Packard(hp) and/or Cannon (Most probably there were two companies under one or seperate contracts as the details are not available regarding this arrangement made by India Post). The company(ies) have strong market hold in printer business in India. There is no doubt that the selection of the company(ies) as outsourced partners was a good decision of India Post as no other company would have such an expertise and experience in India a least!\"\"The company(ies) were supposed to make all possible arrangements and were also required to deliver My Stamps on the same day. Technologically, it was quite possible within few minutes only as the whole process does not consume much time. But the number of people turned out to have My Stamp on the first day itself was quite large and both the company(ies) simply failed to diliver. Why?

The India Post must have signed a formal contract with the private partner(s) and there must have been an assessment of possible scope of the contract including physical and financial estimtes. Were these estimates wrong? and was there an under-estimation? If so, India Post is directly responsible for such a chaos and failure.

The contract must be for a specified amount. What was this amount? What was the financial gain from such a contract for the private party(ies)? In addition to that, there must be specific prvisions within the contract as how and what arrangements will be made by the privte party(ies) and what will be the overall responsibilities of India post and the private party(ies)? The terms and conditions of such a contract now need to be brought open to the philatelists and public (Mango Man!!! ).

It is aptly cear that the company(ies) hired for such a job must have been considered competent for this assignment.Then why did they fail? Necessary preparations,arrangements for equipments,manpower and other resources were not deployed at the site for sure. Why this happened? Why the officer-in-charge from the India Post did not take a stock of such a situation in advance? The responsibility needs to be fixed in this case.

At the same time the company(ies) who were entrusted for the job under the contract also must be blacklisted and must be penalized in financial terms to breach the contract. India Post and these company(ies) under the contract had to discontinue \”MY STAMP\” delivery at the site and decided to take the photos and the My Stamps would now be send afterwards through post at the postal address.This was not at all the whole concept in the begining.Who took such a decision ad under what circumstances? How the India Post will now ensure that the My Stamps would reach at the right address and it will again not be mis managed? Any answers? India Post?

All the indicators project that it was also a scam just as many of such types happened with CWG and 2G and 3G recently. It may not be to that tun financially but it is sure a scm. Probably the RTI would be a better mechanism to reveal out all internal details and hidden agendas of the India Post as well as the private partner(s). Philatelists now should break their silence and raise their voices against such nexus.

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16 Responses to MY Stamp:How & Why India Post Stumbled Upon & Disappointed All

  1. Er.Hemant Kumar Jain says:

    Dear Philatelists,
    Please inform me email address of India Post ,for sending “My stamp” photo /Images through email.

  2. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Hi Mr. Jain,

    The address was

    Hope it works


  3. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Regarding Mystamp, I heard many philatelists tell, “You have to be either the “President of India” or some high official with Indiapost to get your Mystamp delivered to you then and there!”

  4. raj Kumar says:

    Did any one received my stamp by post till date

  5. Aaditya says:

    Kalesh Sir

    Could you kindly help me with this “My Stamp” Scenario. i am very much interested in getting it done for a friend of mine for his birthday. but there is no available information on how to get it on the internet. Could u plz advise?

  6. ari says:

    still waiting for my stamp post

  7. aryendra says:

    i am still waiting.
    please inform me about this.

  8. S P Sridhara says:

    I have not recd MY STAMPS
    My email to-
    email id
    has bounced back..what is the correct email id

  9. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Yes, atlast….it’s arrived.
    Hats off to India post to have this delivered in good condition. They even put thick cardboard alongside the sheetlets.
    But the picture quality of the individual in the sheetlet is very much inferior & it lags very far behind of the stuffs being in U.K. & Australia.

  10. we want publish my stamp ,pl sent all terms & condition.

  11. how to pub. my stamp,pl send details information

  12. NIRAJ CHINAI says:

    Yes.. As said, this could have been managed better but one should surely appriciate worldclass initiative of India Post. Though not at the counter but I received My Stamp at my address in good condition and that too within 20 days of order. Being 1st event of its kind few problems were obvious and we hope that India Post will learn from the experiences and will make better arrangements next time.

  13. SHARAD BORA says:

    we want publish my stamp ,pl sent all terms & condition.

    • NIRAJ CHINAI says:

      My Stamp is not a regular service. It was launched for the first time in India at INDIPEX 11 during Feb. 11. Now, you may find it at big phillatelic exhibitions happening round the year through the length & bredth of the country. Recently My Stamp was available during PEX at Srinagar and I have learnt that it will be available in PEX at Delhi to be arranged soon.

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