INDIPEX2011:India Post Allows Illegal Sale Of Withdrawn Stamps


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2 Responses to INDIPEX2011:India Post Allows Illegal Sale Of Withdrawn Stamps

  1. amit says:

    you are right it is just like selling a fake currency this type is also availabe on e-bay
    collectors should abstain from purchasing them
    you may not even know whether it has been printed in govt security press or else where


    While I own a 1854 Four Anna, most East India Postage, King Ed VIIs, Gandhi Rs.10.- etc. Also I love Real Se-tenants like `87 Police & Baroda Museum. But the real romance of philately is in using the stamps you like most. In the last 30+ yrs I have never posted a cover without commemoratives on it. Relationship Managers at various Banks always smiled broadly when they acknowledged my envelopes with beautiful stamps. I do not care about WITHDRAWN STAMPS. I gleefully used all the Waterbird Stamps I received because I found them so beautiful.

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