INDIPEX2011:Closure Without Any Ceremony!At Last India Post Got Relief-Day07

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

NO SURPRISE! The Indipex 2011 concluded without any closing ceremony!!

The Last day of the international event, the 6th World Philatelic Exhibition, INDIPEX2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi  elapsed without any remarkable event. No closing ceremony! no bidding farewell to the mega event!

\"\"The only important event of the day was release of one Special Cover of Air India. Addeto the beauty and elegance of this very special cover on Air India was the extremely beautiful cancellation of original helicopter used 100 years back for carrying first airmail.This special cover is certainly the most lovely and beautiful special cover of all those released at the INDIPEX2011. Philatelists would sure love to have this special cover in their collection. 

Everyone would agree that the design of the cachet indeed is commendable but it is really sad to see that India Post did not make more than one cover. Despite a lot of hue and cry no attention was given towards the improvement of quality of ink used for cancellation. Ink used in cancellation gave real nightmare to the stamp collectors

\"\"Another happy moments to feel the power of coming gneration was witnessed today when hundreds of school children floaked in to visit the exhibition. At least these new generation ambassadors of philately attemppted to have a feel of all exhibits and to appreciate the hard work of philatelists from acros the globe. Philatelists must feel happy that the next generation is really serious and sincere and perhaps the hobby of kings would be in safe hands in future provided it is kept away from the clitches of the dealers!

\"\"We could visit the counter of PCI today.You must be knowing that PCI,The Philatelic Congress Of India, is the official patner, the co-organizer of this event, the INDIPEX2011. We have been criticizing India Post for all chaos and mis-management but it is true that PCI is equally resonsible and accountable for such a mishap.PCI did not fulfill its duties and it was completely blind and non-responsive towards the plights of all the philatelists. PCI officials did not feel any guilt of it even! They were observed to be njoying whatever was happening!

\"\"India Post deserves this appreciation on the last day of the event ( On the last day…Mango man !!! )that all the Special Covers released during the whole mega event , INDIPEX2011 were made available to everyone for sale and purchase. But the appreciations are half hearted only because the facility for their date wise cancellation was missing. India Post should have arranged this facilitation to the enthusiasts philatelists especially when it dd not arrange for open sale of special covers in a proper way on all the days of the INDIPEX2011 event.

\"\"Majority of the countries that participated in the INDIPEX2011 event did close their countries by afternoon today. Some of countries even did not open their counters today ! These countries rather finished up with their participation by yesterday itself. It was pity that the visitors did not know about this development as India Post and rganizers did not bother to notify at all. Stamp collectors were left high and dry.

The total scenario was shattered as remaining counters were busy in packing their material, what a pity!!

\"\"The Exodus of INDIPEX 2011 was not accepted by most of the dealers as time flew by so quickly. A new market within the market grew up silently and it emerged within the campus and philatelists turned dealers as well as the dealers were seen having a good time selling their stock out.Finally, they get what they wanted…Money!!!!

Although INDIPEx2011 officially concluded without any proper ceremony and India Post might have felt relieved today of all its (mis) deeds but the way this event was conducted and the experiences philatelists from across the globe gained will not be washed away so easily.

We may be off with this live coverage of the event from tomorrow but we still have tons of talks to do with all of you and therefore we will continue here at Phila Mirror for a couple of days more….please keep in touch… 

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  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    What else you expect from India Post. I think reason for all the mismangement could be the mess the ministry is in (thanks to Raja).

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