Is This Philately? Shame On The Dealers!!!

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

Hobby of kings is suffered by so called stamp dealers.They have no ethics and decorum,their shameful presence was giving bad look to an International event like INDIPEX 2011.They created a footpath market just outside the venue and started selling philately material  on road or under the trees,some of them were so claver that they were selling the material just released in INDIPEX2011 on very high prices.

This type of practice is defaming this Nobel Hobby.After 6 day\’s deep sleep today India Post officials awakened and chased these dealers with the help of security personal.

Does it not resemble with what happened on first day? Is it not InDIAN Way!!\"\"

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2 Responses to Is This Philately? Shame On The Dealers!!!

  1. vijay modi says:

    Yes !!!


    Why blame dealers? Like everyoneelse they too are prrovoding a service & making a living out of it. Why not blame Stanley Gibbons & Scott etc. too !! My personal grouse against dealers is about their ability to keep Philatelic Bureax across India in their pockets-but I have nothing by way of proof. Between stamp dealers & Philatelic Bureaux it is the later that`s not doing its assigned job.

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