INDIPEX2011:A Day With Exhibits and Youth

By Srinivasan Paramasivam

On my visit to the Indipex 2011, I saw activity in the exhibition area, and it was mainly because the  exhibit result were announced. Officials were putting up results and name on the frame.  I observed that all the exhibitors were quite eager to see the results as they had put in their hardwork and many of them thanked to their friends and family for support. 

The day was a holiday for the school children and that is why no groups from schools were seen around. Despite the holiday I obseved that one lady teacher from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gole Market, New Delhi lead a group of five students to the Exhibit area. She was showing and explaining students about the exhibits. She also assigned projects to the students with Philately. I appreciate the efforts of the teacher who is promoting knowledge with the help of philately among her students. All the students do deserve appreciation from the philatelic community as well. Here is a photograph of the group.\"\"Out of Many philatelic counters I found value for money in Bhutan Post. They selling all stamps on face value. Many of older Items also sold at face value.

Yesterday and Today I saw one official from India Post, standing near the Exit gate, and asked visitors to write comments in the Visitor book. I asked about the exhibits are not displayed in correct order , he told me, some exhibits have yet not arrived, so they had to fill the frames. Why so?

He explained frther,\” The President of India is visiting the venue and she wouldn\’t like to see any empty frames. Officials have to save faces afterall\”. \”Yes!!\”, he agrees.

Moreover, he didn\’t know specific frame Number and he also could not guide you where a particular frame is located and displayed. The youth philately Exhibits are exhibited in end of the hall. India post officials and other organizers never thought to make efforts to popularize the philately among youth with the help of youth philately exhibits to students. I hope in future exhibits India post will have separate counter for Youth Philately to promote philately.

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    Do you have any results for Chinese exhibitions?

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