Indipex 2011- A Day With Mixed Happenings-Day 6

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

India Post has come up with improvements and there is no doubts about it. It was quite visible today when it striked down the so called philatelists turned dealers who had created an open mall, the dealer\’s market outside the venue at the roadsides itself. What a shame on Indian Philately! These peopel have no moral, no ethics, no sense of responsibility,and no feelings that it tarnishes the country\’s image internationally! Money is the only mantra for these dealers.

India Post rightly banged upon them. Bravo India Post !!!

 \"\"A philatelist who was present at the Indipex2011 venue today was completely disheartened with India Post and it\’s arrangements and treatments. He viewed as;

My name is kalesh and I am from Trivendrum, the far south. I came to New Delhi on February 11th especially for this exhibition. I am thoroughly disappointed to see the management of the exhibition. Experience on \”Day One\” was total disaster. Old saying “Something is better than nothing” proved wrong here. My request to India Post is don’t go for something is better than nothing instead adopt the principle “Nothing is better than Nonsense”.

Such remarks and views are representing almost every philatelist who visited the event. Better more homework should be done by India Post and it should learn the lessons from small countries like Turkey, Pitcairn Island, Mauritius, Bangladesh and many more alike.

\"\"Cancellation is the birth certificate of a  stamp. Did India Post know this fundamental and cardinal principal? It was quite unpleasant to see the way India Post arranged for all cancellations. The officials deputed for this very purpose are behaving in such a way as if they are oblizing philatelists and lending them some undue favour! Come on India Post ! Please try to improve on this and the quality of the cachets at the same time !!

\"\"Staff representing India Post who are supposed to be Brand Ambassador at this World Philatelic Exhibition should be well trained and well mannered capable to handle the International Community. India Post had pretty enough time period in hands to manage this aspect.However,all these people are government servants and will never learn or improve their behavior with public(The Mango Man !).

 It would have been much better if India Post had made assessment of all such factors well in advance and would have appointed or outsource this arrangements. This would have certainly saved it\’s face from a large base embarrassement!

\"\"The much publicized and most disasterous segment of the INDIPEX2011 is \”My Stamp\”. It has eaned a real adverse publicity to the Indi Post.The (mis)arrangements at this counter are exemplary indeed! There is no surprise to find that the area around this counter in INDIPEX 2011 venue has no crowd now.People have met with enough disappointment already. A visitor and stamp collector from abroad was ased to come back again the next day after his depositing the fee(price of My Stamp) and his photo.He was stunned to learn this response today. He remarked,\”If this is the level of exhibition, better not to hold and not to compel us to waste our money by visiting”.

\"\"Senior Philatelists assembled today in New Delhi for the mega event staged a protest march in the exhibition venue holding placards in their hands appealing for repeal of relevant provisions of Art and Treasure Act 1972 which includes stamps as an item of art.

The act prohibits sale of items older than 100 years and its shipping out of country. To continue their struggle a group known as “United Philatelists of India” is being formed and it is resolved that a joint representation will be prepared and will be  submitted to Minister of Culture “Kumari Shelja” for favorable consideration.   

\"\"A Private shop owner (Mr Ram R. Chawla) who was allotted a booth in this Exhibition by India Post was seen openly displaying a information board for sale of withdrawn stamps.

It is a big surprise that a stamp dealer is openly violating the law of the country and India Post officials have turned their eyes from this!! Does India Post officials and organizers know that the sale of  withdrawn stamps has been declared illegal by India Post?

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