INDPEX 2011 Has Now Turned in to \”Indi-Queue-Pex 2011\” !!

By Kalesh Kumar S G

This has become Indi-Queue-Pex 2011!

\"\"Things have not improved. It seemed so because there was less crowd yesterday due to the rains and it was very cold. The majority of participants were school children.

Yesterday I was standing in the queue for paying money for “My Stamp” (First Queue). In the form for My stamp, an old lady from Spain mentioned “Espana” as country name instead of Spain. When she was paying money, the lady official (wearing a coat!) was scolding her and was telling her that there is no country called Espana and asked her to write correct full address. She was not so fluent in english and looked perplexed! I asked the old lady to write Spain instead of Espana and told her not to mind. This is supposedly an “International” exhibition! What a pity!

Yesterday also I had to stand in the 2nd Queue for 2 hours to give the My Stamp application form and receipt. There was only one counter for accepting the forms.

An enthusiast philatelist from abroad was so upset and he was expressing it. The authorities told that we will have to wait atleast a month to get My Stamp delivered at home. They won\’t give it to us at the exhibition venue.

Cmon Indiapost…. Please be a bit more professional… We are becoming a laughing stock in front of the international philatelic community including many visitors from various countries….

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One Response to INDPEX 2011 Has Now Turned in to \”Indi-Queue-Pex 2011\” !!

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    I was in Indipex for 2 and half day,on 12 th i spent most time in Que for khadi stamp and airophilately stamp than on 13th i spent most of time in making cancellation and than dry all cancellation on philatelic passport,during this i see exhibition and take a look on stalls and by purchase some items also,unfortunately i reserve my 3rd day first half for my stamp and when i went there that counter was closed due to some technical problem till 2:30 PM.
    I did not manage my stamp for me and return back to my city.

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