Indipex 2011: A Day Of Marked Improvements-Day 5

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

INDIPEX 2011 has completed its fifth(5th) day today and we observed that India Post did wake up and broke its long-sleep (Good Morning India Post!!) of all four days and started taking care of its own affairs. We ctherefore call it a day of remarkable improvement !!

The 5th day of Indipex 2011 was flagged off by a cultural event comprising of Rajasthani folk dance which was like a breath of fresh air after the overnight rain in the national capital region and surrounding areas.

\"\"The day\’s schedule included release of new special cover and India Post today released three new special covers on following themes;

1. Incredible India

2. Indian Overseas Bank

3.  Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier’s Arya Vaidyashala, Kottakkal

The Indipex 2011 cancellation counter was recognized by an improper sign board which is in form of a sheet of paper pasted on the wall. It seems that the India Post does not have the wherewithal to arrange better sign boards in this eent of international level.

\"\"The same arrangement rests with the memorabilia being sold by India Post through different stalls. i.e the hand-written signage on the display wall near India Post counter indicates that these memorabilia are available on counter number-5.

The executives at much touted “Gandhi-khadi” stamp sell counter were quite unfriendly, rude, and showed no respect to the visitors and buyers. There was neither any proper queue nor any manpower to ensure it. The height of mismanagement was such that instead of being sold to philatelists, those stamps were being sold preferably to dealers.It is clear that India Post is ready to fix few shortcomings as long as it does not affect it\’s ulterior motives and hidden agendas. The nexus between India Post officials and dealers is backed by very strong mutually dependant financial bonding that benefits both the parties and therefore all the mis-management and chaos is deliberately maintained. Philatelists should understand this that no matter how much hue and cry they could create the India Post will not mend at all.

\"\"Withstanding all the mismanagements there were few points to cheer as well. Fortunately, after four days of complete chaos at the Indipex2011, on this fifth day there was a separate counter for SENIOR CITIZENS and LADIES for the sell of MINIATURE sheets and stamps which was little bit surprising but at the same time worth appreciation. We appreciate this social-cause addressing of the India Post!

In addition to all such separate counters there were more counters for general people and visitors for sale of stamps and miniature sheets. India Post finally took notice of our continued criticism and came up forward to address this problem.It deserves appreciations indeed.

\"\"India Post did arrange two executives specifically assigned for the CANCELLATION of SPECIAL COVERS which brought a bigh sigh of relief for the visitors and philatelists who were waiting to get there covers cancelled.

The issue that troubles the special cover cancellation most is with the cancellation cachet that needs a lot of improvement and the ink used for cancellation is not up-to the standard. Sadly it takes almost two hours to dry up or else the whole cover gets messed up. So, India Post seriously needs to look into this matter and rectify this fault.

By and large it was a day of marked improvements in arrangeents at the INDIPEX 2011 venue today. India Post and all other organizers were indeed kind enough to break their lazy and cozy attitude and this change is welcome!We believe that by the time this event comes to an end India Post would be able to finalize it\’s list of DO\’S and DON\”Ts for next future….

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