The Rationale For Writing \”100\” as Denomination Of The Khadi Stamp

Special Post By Sankha Samanta, The Man Who Designed Khadi Stamp

\"\"I wish to thank all philatelists, media persons and all postage stamp lovers who have appreciated my design of the Khadi Stamp. It is a simple design, and Gandhiji for me was an embodiment of truth and simplicity. It has been truely a privilage for me to design this stamp.

I wish to also acknowledge and thank all for negative comments if any of the design, as it only helps me as artist to improve and innovate.

I wish to explain the rationale behind writing 100 as the denomination of the Khadi stamp as it has raised some controversy.

\"\"As you all know normally stamps having Rs5 denomination is written as 5 in large font size denoting Rupees followed by 00 in smallar font size denoting paisa.

In the 100 rupees denomination in khadi stamp 100 is written all in single large font size denoting Rupees,(ie there is no variation between font size of 1 followed by 00) so there can be no confusion regarding the denomination of the stamp.

True 100 it is not followed by smallar 00 denoting paisa. India has never issued a postage stamp having Rs 100 or above denomination. So there is no format to follow, besides denomination reading 10000, with 1 followed by four zeroes(2big and 2 small sized fonts) design wise looks too big a number.

Nevertheless if India Post decides to issue many more stamps of Rupees 100 or above say Rs 1000 in years to come can I get views from one and all, to enable me to decide conclusively in this matter?

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One Response to The Rationale For Writing \”100\” as Denomination Of The Khadi Stamp


    Above argument does not hold water. A rule is a rule is a rule.
    More so when IndiaPost now has the option of using unified Rupee
    symbol. In fact, someday not too far way IndiaPost will be lawfully
    enforced to use the RUPEE SYMOL either by RBI or by GOI @ Delhi.
    A mistake has been made. But, please do not withdraw the Khadi
    Stamp & allow fun & games. Just issue a Lac or 2 more Khadi Stamps
    & sell it for Rs.100.- only. Make Gandhi happy up there-making huge
    profit in Gandhi`s name must have angered him no end, in my

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