INDIPEX2011:Streamlining The Operations, Day-4 Highlights

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

The INDIPEX 2011, The World Philatelic Exhibition organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi has completed it\’s half of the journey today and there is no doubt that the first half of this unique international philatelic event has gone waste; India Post is trying to learn lessons once the fingers are burnt. What an irony !!

Here are the highlights of the Fourth (4th) Day of the event;

1.The sale of new stamps was observed to be much streamlined today and it was quite less tiresome for philatelists and public by and large. The day-long rain showers was at primary contribution as the crowd today was not seen, people preferred to be at home instead. However, India Post deserves some patting for its efforts of recovery of the damages done to its reputation.

2. Today the sale of Special Covers was also observed to be is streamlined. Special Covers released in the forenoon are available immediately after release. India Post did give an ear to our yesterday\’s plight. Further, we also suggest that the sale of special covers must be kept ope the whole day.\"\"3. As we mentioned yesterday about the cancellation juggernaughts the India Post rightly took steps to improvize the arrangements. We observed that cancellations were bit improved and the India Post officials entrusted with this responsibility to cancel the covers were a little more polite and courteous today. However, they are government servants and are not habitual of such nice behavior and therefore this little change should be considered as \”sea-change\”.

4. The \”Cachets\” are proper with handle so improved cancellations are visible. This is a big reason for bringing cheers on the face of collectors. However, but quality of cachets and ink needs remarkable improvements. When will India Post find time to improvize on this issue?

5. We observed that many a people kept waiting for at least two hours to get the Special Covers Cancelled. The reason was very simple. The India Post officials and the staff authorized to do the cancellation were not present.It is a quite common phenomenon in any indian government office and indians are genrally used to such treatments. (Baboojee has gone for tea break….abhi aa jayenge….aap wait karo…..)\"\"

6. India Post completely failed to mobilize and motivate the visitors to the exhibition hall as exhibition hall was found to be a haunting place. India Post actually did not intend to focus the exhibition. On the contrary, the focus is on glittering functions, sale of stamps, and of course preferences and previledes to the dealers. Philatelists and their hard worked collections being displayed comes at the last priority for India Post. May god bless the officials with a little more wisdom and a sense of real responsibility.

\"\"7. Mauritius Post counter is still not ready to cancel the passport as cachet is not yet available with them leaving the Passport Incomplete.

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2 Responses to INDIPEX2011:Streamlining The Operations, Day-4 Highlights

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Though i have leave Delhi,but sounds nice that cover availability has improved and cancellation quality also. Mauritius post still did not manage cancellation on passport that’s not good. India post gave priority to dealers not for exhibitionist’s .When people leave the venue some try to look at frames only.Indian dealers are selling their stuff at huge prices even they are very new.

  2. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    This has become Indi-Queue-Pex 2011! Things have not improved. It seemed so because there was less crowd yesterday due to the rains and it was very cold. The majority of participants were school children. Yesterday I was standing in the queue for paying money for “My Stamp” (First Queue). In the form for My stamp, an old lady from Spain mentioned “Espana” as country name instead of Spain. When she was paying money, the lady official (wearing a coat!) was scolding her and was telling her that there is no country called Espana and asked her to write correct full address. She was not so fluent in english and looked perplexed! I asked the old lady to write Spain instead of Espana and told her not to mind. This is supposedly an “International” exhibition! What a pity! Yesterday also I had to stand in the 2nd Queue for 2 hours to give the My Stamp application form and receipt. There was only one counter for accepting the forms. A foreigner was so upset and he was expressing it. The authorities told that we will have to wait atleast a month to get My Stamp delivered at home. They wont give it to us at the exhibition venue.

    Cmon Indiapost…. Please be a bit more professional… We are becoming a laughing stock in front of the foreign visitors….

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