INDIPEX 2011:Failure Of Event Managers?

By Sankha Samanta

Even as Day One was a disaster in terms of management one cannot attribute all the failure solely to the Department of Post.

Managing the event was outsourced to \”Indebo\”, an event management agency, and I am surprised that they could not foresee such a catastrophe!

I say I am surprised because just another day, the day when set of Legendary Heroines Stamps were released amidst a selective audience in an event which was also graced by the presence of Actresses Vaijayanthimala Bali and Asha Parekh, things looked so different. It was truely an exceptional evening.

\"\"Smt Devika Kumar (DDG Philately) was absolutely mesmerising as she presented the gathering with her wonderfully written script with poetic embelishments, even as she played the role of an anchor.

Cine clips/ Images /popular songs flashed accross the lCD screens. All present was so moved that I saw them tapping their foot and swaying their heads in absolute bliss and nostalgia!… that includes foreign delegates! That is when I felt proud to be an Indian and also to be associated with Department of Posts for past 2 decades….

But next morning it was different. Not a single National Newspaper covered the event….nothing what so ever in the Television News Channels! Legendary Actresses like Devika Rani, Kanan Devi Nutan Meena Kumari, Savithri, Leela Naidu are loved by all Indians… a tribute offered to them cannot be envisaged to be an event for a select few in confines of a five star Hotel lawns.

Again a failure of the event managers? Surely. We must learn from our mistakes. We can perform if we want and need to be surely more careful in future with our priorities in place to promote philately… but we cannot not give vent to our feelings by insulting a fellow citizen or an organisation or worse the country as a whole by calling INDian Way. It is in bad taste.

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One Response to INDIPEX 2011:Failure Of Event Managers?

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Really Indipex 2011 is mis-managed in all aspects. Shortage of staff, shortage of counters, very poor cancellations etc.
    Why India Post not invited Philatelists in the function of stamp release on heroines?

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