INDIPEX 2011:3rd Day Amidst Continued Chaos, Bit Improvement & Further Scope Of Improvement

Live Report From INDIPEX 2011 Pragati Maidan New Delhi By Anil K R Pujara, Anurag, Virendar, Abishek Jalan

\"\"INDIPEX 2011 has completed three days of its itinerary today. The overall scenario at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the venue of the World Philatelic Exhibition, is little more improved compared to the first day. The chaos and mismanagement reported by Philamirror has perhaps been taken care of by the concerned authorities and organizers and the improvement became visible today. But this is still quite insufficient and philatelists are facing many different types of problems.

Here are the highlights of the 3rd day of the event;

1.    There are practically no arrangements for sale of special covers.

2.    No arrangement exists for the cancellation of special covers.

\"\"3.    Despite much publicisizing and tremendous response the \”Service of My Stamp\” was  interrupted up to 1:30    pm. There was no clear reason appeared for such interruption and authorities could not explain. This concept although caught maximum attention en mass but India Post could never estimate and understand the response and service delivery mechanism. What a pity!!

4.  The confusion of place of special cover has prevailed throughout the day.

5. Crowd visiting included indians and foreign national both were almost at the cross-roads the whole day. It was utter chaos in  there and authorities are almost dumb on it. This non-responsiveness was quite visible when a gentle lady from abroad was seen screaming at the authority and there was no one to take care of her. At last she left saying that it was her last visit to India.

\"\"6. Another confusion regarding sale of first day cover of legendary heroines of India was observed everywhere. FDC of this issue was sold at Rs.500 each in the morning but was subsequently reduced and money was refunded to people.Why this has happened? What to say of the India Post in this regard!!!

 7. Postal officials sitting at the cancellation counter were completely non-cooperative and reclusive. Misbehavior was an omnipresent phenomenon here. The cacellation of FDCs was conducted by the India Post officials based on their own whims and wishes. These officials were behaving as if they are the only authority of the subject.

8.   The only pleasant visibility today was that special cover released today were made available for sale today itself.It was not this way yeasterday. But previous day special cancellations were nowhere to be seen.

\"\"9. Some countries such as Turkish Post, Takjikistan / Krgyzstan Post, Sweden & Denmark Post, Venezuela Post, Malaysia Post and China National Philatelic Corporation did not put seal impression on notebooks or philatelic passports brought to them by school children or people who could not afford to buy stamps to put on the passport. They were turned off as they even charged money amounting up to 60 rupees for the blank impression. This could have been in more humanitarian way. Not everything is business afterall !!

10. There was a marked difference observed in the type of cancellation seals used by many nations e.g.Turkey. These are real beautiful seals and the way their officials are putting the seals of cancellations is worth appreciating. On the contrary, India Post cancellation seals are of extremely poor quality, non attractive and the way India Post officials put them is really pathetic as if they are oblizing you !

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3 Responses to INDIPEX 2011:3rd Day Amidst Continued Chaos, Bit Improvement & Further Scope Of Improvement

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    I face lot of problem when i cancelled my covers and passport stamps by India post.They made very rough cancellation on my covers and on passport stamps,India Post cancellation was a bad experience at all.
    At Mauritius stall cancellation was not available till third day of event,so i miss that one also.

  2. D H RAO,CHENNAI says:

    dear philatelists, 18th feb 2011
    i just happened to see this site, saw the caustic remarks on india post officialls arrogant style.
    well, i beg to differ, on fleeting visit to this exhibition on 16th, to cancell few spl covers on int. submarine conf,new delhi. i was treated very courteously by the staff manning the india post booth [no88]and the cancellation personnal. they cancelled all my covers, neatly [kutabminar picture]. do u know why, i spoke to them with due respect, gave them respect.yes, i was asked to wait for one hour, but they made sit in a chair. in the mean time i saw angers flying near booth no 88.
    i patiently sat for one hour, attendant who cancelled my cover did a very good job and i shook hands with him and his collegue. they were so happy, while the same with booth no 88 officials. they made me sit in chair offered gandhi spl folder and surprised at my answer -that want only one for my collection.
    friends, remember, whereever u go [after40 years i am visiting new delhi] be polite ,give respect and SURE U WILL GET THE SAME. during the one and half hours stay there , i purchased few stamps from other countries stalls.
    my only comment in on the shuttle srevice.
    with regards

  3. dr. Pradeep Jain says:

    I agree with Mr Rao, but sometimes during rush when everybody wants their job tobe done first then irritaion is natural phenomenon. India post officials should have predicted the demand and would have increased the booths and staff for cancellation and sells.One thing I observed during this event that everybody was coming with bundles of covers for cancellation which was sufficient to irritate the staff and for deformed cancellations.

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