INDIPEX 2011:Mismanagement and Chaos…The INDian Way!!!

Live Report from Indipex2011-Delhi By  Anil K.Pujara,  Anurag Vajpeyi, Virendar Dhundhara & Abishek Jalan

\"\"Indipex 2011 at New Delhi Pragati Maidan turned out to be just another indian milestone of chaos and mismanagement . Without any fanfair India Post organized Indipex 2011. No due publicity was given to this unique international philatly event.

On the first day of the event we observed umpteen issues that led to gross chaos and mismanagemnt. Here are only a fewof the issues to let other visitors and philatelists to know who are planning to visit the event. Just be careful and understand that India Pos hardly care for you and your comfort in the INDIPEX 2011!

A brief illustrative not exhaustive, but conclusive advisory to all;

  • Barring two exceptions no official release was made in media except  one given six months back & another released on the day.
  • Much published Gandhi stamp on khadi (first unconventional stamp by india post) bears the denomination 100. India post prints the denomination in paisa, does it mean Gandhi khadi stamp is one rupee?
  • 100 indicates what? 100 paisa or 100 rupee. Rupee symbol is missing !
  • Even no attention is given to ensure that uniformity in color is maintained as two variants have been sold. Where will it end who knows.
  • From the entrance to the main venue, there are no sign boards and there is no shuttle- service provided. Though the distance is more than a kilometer and you need to walk down all long.
  • India post official counter is a complete mess , highly mismanaged. There is no system prevailing with India Post, a pure typical indian chaos! so guys…be prepared to fight… Philatelists are flocking the counter… you need to b strong….
  • The staff and the people entrusted to manage are poorly trained and ill-equipped and you should not expect any courtesy on their behalf.
  • There is absolute absense of any proper system of selling Gandhi stamp, presentation pack.If you are interested in this better go the \”INdian Way\”….
  • You will observe that at some places they are selling only one MS(Miniature Sheet)per person while you can easily spot out someone walking away with bags full of it. Does it nexux between individuals and officials? No dear philatelis…It is the INDian Way….
  • Similarly you may be given one presentation pack as a rule per person but do not be surprized and shocked if you find someone having grabed a bunch of it. Again it is the INDian Way…..
  • Highly publicised  \”Philatelic Passport \”is simply not available on the first day. India Post chaged it\’s mind? Who knows !!!
  • Few enthusiastic philatelists from Chandigarh came up with an innovative idea. They created their own graph sheet and took cancellation on these sheets from individual counters.People have many ideas afterall….bravo!!!
  • Couple of countries did not turn up for the event even though counters were put up. As such their counters were giving a blank look.
  • Special cover released on peace and harmony was not putup at the counter for sale. Only few lucky ones(you know who these are…) would probably get it…. an INDian Way….
  • No proper arrangement for cancellation of philatllic items were made and a lone official was deployed. Being tired he was doing the job half heartily. Afterall he is a government servant and thank god he was present and doing some work….
  • Sale of presentation of khadi stamp was poorly arranged.Do not expect any more respect to the father of the nation from India Post.
  • Equally publicized \”My Stamp\” counter was another example of poor organizing capability of india post. Children with their parents turned up in large number with expectation to get their personal stamps printed but were highly disappointed. Today itself india post informed that \”My Stamp\” can be ordered by mail also. India Post do not show kind heartedness to the children even…

There is still time to perform better. India post please wake up now !

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8 Responses to INDIPEX 2011:Mismanagement and Chaos…The INDian Way!!!

  1. Ajay Srivastav says:

    Nice to go through your report about INDIPEX 2011. Your observation may by correct. There may be lot of mismanagement. But personally I feel the word Indian way should not be used in your report. There may be shortcomings but writing Indian way is not a proper word to use as it is a disgrace to not only a small Indian Philatelic Community but to all Indians. Your site is popular and is also visited by people of other countries. What impression they perceive about us. If possible please remove the word Indian way.

  2. Rohan says:

    Editor : As you said “Rupee symbol is missing !” ya its true and gov. is not publicizing the symbol anymore….

    Actually RTI activist have already exposed another scam and this time its about New Indian Rupee Symbol !

    Source Of Information :

    Gov. also knew that D Udaya Kumar (DMK leader son) is a Non-eligible candidate for the competition as he had submitted four design while only two was allowed. But under pressure from DMK he win the competition.

    And that’s why now Gov. don’t want to endorse this symbol of corruption anymore..

  3. Jeevan Jyoti says:

    I agree with Ajay’s comment. The word Indianway is dominantly used in your report which does not seem quite appropriate. It would be more proper to use the word India Post way instead of Indian way. The word Indianway gives a poor image of our country and it is a disgrace to every Indian. In my opinion while reporting, one must consider that the report does not give a poor image of our country before others. However your observation is correct but it could be presented in a different way, blaming the orgnizers for mismangement and not the whole Indianway and its system. I hope as a respect to our country you will kindly replace the word Indianway in your report.

  4. Fredric says:

    Wonderful information, stylish site design, carry on the great work

  5. sankha samanta says:

    I wish to thank all philatelists, media persons and all postage stamp lovers who have appreciated my design of the Khadi Stamp. It is a simple design, and Gandhiji for me was an embodiment of truth and simplicity. It has been truely a privilage for me to design this stamp.

    I wish to also acknowledge and thank all for negative comments if any of the design, as it only helps me as artist to improve and innovate.

    I wish to explain the rationale behind writing 100 as the denomination of the Khadi stamp as it has raised some controversy.
    As you all know normally stamps having Rs5 denomination is written as
    5in large font size denoting Rupees followed by 00 in smallar font size denoting paisa.
    In the 100 rupees denomination in khadi stamp 100 is written all in single large font size denoting Rupees,(ie there is no variation between font size of 1 followed by 00) so there can be no confusion regarding the denomination of the stamp.
    True 100 it is not followed by smallar 00 denoting paisa. India has never issued a postage stamp having Rs 100 or above denomination. So there is no format to follow, besides denomination reading 10000, with 1 followed by four zeroes(2big and 2 small sized fonts) design wise looks too big a number.
    Nevertheless if India Post decides to issue many more stamps of Rupees 100 or above say Rs 1000 in years to come can I get views from one and all, to enable me to decide conclusively in this matter.

  6. sankha samanta says:

    Even as Day One was a disaster in terms of management one cannot attribute all the failure solely to the Department of Post. Managing the event was outsourced to Indebo, an event management agency, and I am surprised that they could not foresee such a catastrophe! I say I am surprised because just another day, the day when set of Legendary Heroines Stamps were released amidst a selective audience in an event which was also graced by the presence of Actresses Vaijayanthimala Bali and Asha Parekh, things looked so different. It was truely an exceptional evening. Smt Devika Kumar (DDG Philately) was absolutely mesmerising as she presented the gathering with her wonderfully written script with poetic embelishments, even as she played the role of an anchor. Cine clips/ Images /popular songs flashed accross the lCD screens. All present was so moved that I saw them tapping their foot and swaying their heads in absolute bliss and nostalgia!… that includes foreign delegates! That is when I felt proud to be an Indian and also to be associated with Department of Posts for past 2 decades….But next morning it was different. Not a single National Newspaper covered the event….nothing what so ever in the Television News Channels! Legendary Actresses like Devika rani, Kanan Devi Nutan Meena Kumari, Savithri, Leela Naidu are loved by all Indians… a tribute offered to them cannot be envisaged to be an event for a select few in confines of a five star Hotel lawns. Again a failure of the event managers? Surely. We must learn from our mistakes. We can perform if we want and need to be surely more careful in future with our priorities in place to promote philately… but we cannot not give vent to our feelings by insulting a fellow citizen or an organisation or worse the country as a whole by calling INDian Way. It is in bad taste.

  7. sankha samanta says:

    No…I am not a blog addict….please do excuse me for writing so much today … but this I have to write for my fans and philatelic community as a whole.

    Are you disappointed with the miniature sheet and stamps of 100 years Aerophilately designed by me? You must be surely…. because I am not only disappointed but shattered. The image in the MS and stamps are like faded jeans!! ….almost 40% of the colours and details have gone in the print. The river was blue…..I worked so hard on the details….now there is almost none… After so much of hard work… research…and laborious artwork, the result is a disaster. Thanks to Nasik, India Security Printers. Can we all raise our voice to make printing of our stamps improve to international level. Surely INDIA can do BETTER even if needs to dismantling our old machines and installing latest technology. It is never too late to change for the better!

  8. sankha samanta says:

    Sorry …in the emotional outburst i have wrongly mentioned 100 year of Airmail stamp as 100years of Aerophilately in my earlier post. I am sorry for the error.

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