Perforation error in Miniature Sheet

By-Anil Kr.Pujara

perforation has shifted in one MS to the extent that image in COCHIN SEAL is cut n taken out of the stamp, image of Cochin stamp which is otherwise partially out has been dragged in the stamp,image of Sirmoor stamp and Indore stamps is seprated by perforation andimage of Indore State seal is dragged in the perforation which is otherwise out of the perforation. \"\"

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2 Responses to Perforation error in Miniature Sheet

  1. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Please do not put these sort of minor errors & waste one’s time.

    • Asani Bhaduri says:

      Well it is a shift however minor and it is definitely not awaste of time, glad that Mr. Pujara found one perforation error of his own.

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