Spain released stamp on Almeria Railway station

\"\"Spanish postal operator Correos, last week issued a stamp dedicated to Almeria Railway Station which as well as being a building of cultural interest, also featured in the 1971 (157 min) Sergio Leone film \”Duck you sucker\” or by its alternative film title – \”Fistful of dynamite.

Officially opened in 1895, Almeria station was designed by a French architect who was said to have worked for Gustave Eiffel. 54 meters long, the central part of the station is made of iron and glass. Whilst recognised as a National Monument, Almeria railway station is now disused and there are calls for it to be restored and turned into a museum. No decision has been made.
The new stamp is the 20th so far in an architectural series issued by Correos, celebrating important historical buildings throughout Spain. It is priced at 0.35 Euros.

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