New definitive stamps of Canada

Canada Post released 4 definitve stamps this year features the following four animal\"\"youngsters:Arctic Hare leverets, (“P”-Domestic) as the babies are known, are born with their eyes wide open in late spring or early summer. Covered with grey-brown fur, when they lie still within their nests of moss or dry plants, they look like rocks, an illusion that protects them from harm.The average Red Fox (US, $1.03) litter is four to eight kits (sometimes called cubs or pups), but it can number more than a dozen. Kits are born blind and can weigh as much as 115 grams. Their eyes are open by two weeks; by eight weeks they are fully weaned and by fall, they leave to claim their own territories.Baby Canada Geese (Oversized mail, $1.25) or goslings, hatch roughly a month after the mother goose lays her eggs. Their coat of yellow to olive down soon turns dark grey, and feathers grow so they can fly. Goslings stay with their parents for a full year, returning with them after their first winter migration.Born blind, usually in pairs, between November and February in snowy maternity dens dug by their mothers, Polar Bear cubs (International $1.75) are covered with light down fur, and weigh less than a kilo. Mom and babies remain in the den until as late as April, when they leave to prepare for the long walk to the ice floes.

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