International Philatelic Exhibitions in India(2):INDIA 1980

By Sreejesh Krishnan

\"\"Third India International Philatelic Exhibition (INDIA 80) was held in ‘Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 25th January 1980 to 3rd February 1980.  The Posts and Telegraphs Department (now India Post) has issued a set of 10 Commemorating Special stamps on India International Stamp Exhibition (INDIA 80). The first two stamps in the series are INDIA-80 logo and the Centenary of Postcard issued on 2nd July, 1979.  The next set of 4 stamps, Air Mail 1979 issued on 15-10-1979, shows carriage of mails by air depicts the De Havilland Puss Moth in flight, Chetak helicopter against a background of snow-capped peaks, mail being loaded into a Boeing–737 jet aircraft, Boeing–747 aircraft of the Air India cruising high above the mountains.  The next set of 4 stamps issued on 25th January, 1980, on Inaugural Day  of the Exhibition, which includes Army Postal Service, Money order, Copper Ticket and Sir Rowland Hill. First Day cover illustration of inaugural Day was Han-Driven Transfer Press, Type of Litho Press used for printing of first Indian Postage Stamps in 1854 under the supervision of Henry Thuillier(Inset) then Deputy Surveyor General of India at Calcutta. First Booklet on stamps, pictorial post cards, and postal stationery are also released during the exhibition.\"\"

One Army Postal Service cover and three different designs of Special covers issued the entire ten days of Exhibition.  Cover illustrations are Camel Post somewhere in Rajasthan desert, India used Abroad: A collage of stamps and cancellations, Mail Runner (Circa 1933) somewhere in the Himalayan Region. Each day was marked as a special Day with marking with special cancellations.

  1. 25-1-1980 – Cancellation  –          Inaugural Day  –  Hall of Nations.
  2. 26-1-1980 –                                      India Day – Rashtrapathi Bhawan.
  3. 27-1-1980 –                          Philatelic Research Day.
  4. 28-1-1980 –                          Youth Philatelists Day.
  5. 29-1-1980 –                          P.C.I. Day.
  6. 30-1-1980 –                          P & T Day.
  7. 31-1-1980 –                          Philately Promotion Day.
  8. 01-2-1980 –                          Army Postal Service Day.
  9. 02-2-1980 –                          Awards Day.

10.03-2-1980 –                          Thematics Day.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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