Royal Mail:Create Your Own Photo Stamps!

Royal Mail has released an app, through which you can create your own stamps from your iPhone’s camera roll. Awesome. The Royal Mail iPhone app is free, and the stamps are called “Smilers”, although given the snaps some folk  feel it’s appropriate to take on their iPhone, there might be some less than tasteful stamps popping through your letterbox in the near future.\"\"After you’ve picked your iPhone photo stamp, choose a stamp design, a theme, and pick round or rectangle stamps. They’re available in sheets of 10 or 20, and cost £7.80 for a sheet of 10 first class stamps and £13.95 for a sheet of 20. That means they cost more than a standard first class stamp (41p each), but then normal first class stamps don’t come with a picture of you gurning on it. Postage is £1.45 and once you’ve sent your order winging its way to Royal Mail it should arrive within five working days.

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