Rathyatra MS controversy:Who should bell the cat?

\"\"By-Virendra Dhundhara

In the recent past such like situation had emerged on two occasions. Ist it happened after the release of Sheetlet on Ranak Pur and Dilwara Temple. Panic was created.A rtificial scarcity was created. Cross country connections were established. And mad race started to acquire the sheetlet. Hoarding started in a big way. Some made a big hay while Sun was not shining actually but India Shining like situation was projected. Poor collector was made to shed extra money to keep his fire for keeping his collection complete burning. The bubble bursted soon and sheen fizzled in the air soon.\"\"

Before the collector could regain their consciousness after learning the bitter lesson, lot of hulla gulla was made regarding the future of Classic World Tamil Conference 2010-Kovai. Even statistics were released to establish the bonafide of the ensuing scarcity of the stamp. Every name in the field of philately was heard running after the stamp, making cross country connections to acquire any number of stamps at any cost.Some even went to the extent of greezing the palms of Postal Officials to procure the stamps/sheets. The air was made thick with all types of rumours which made collectors to loose their sleep. At that time only one dealer came out with the offer to make it available the sheetlet n stamp to one n all on face value.

The question is who should protect the interest of common collector? Should  this responsibility be not undertaken by PCI.? What for is this body? Is it only on paper?Is it only to fend its interest? Is it only existing on paper. Should it not advise Govt. on various aspects of Philately including its distribution. Should the moth be allowed to enter the hobby which is known as Hobby of Kings n King of Hobbies. Should group of individuals be allowed to play with the hard earned money of  collectors. Should  a genuine collector be allowed to become a Puppet in the hands of Handful  number of Individuals. Should the nexus few individuals and Bureau In charges be allowed to grow and draw the rules of the game. Should the hobby be collector centric or should it be allowed to dance to the tunes of few. Can we seek the answer to all and if not all at least few of these burning questions which brooding in the mind of collector. Should this hobby be made a plate form for Display of  Money Power.Please wake up and try to find the Answer?

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7 Responses to Rathyatra MS controversy:Who should bell the cat?

  1. Kelli says:

    Many thanks for making the effort to describe the terminlogy for the newbies!

  2. Deepak Modi says:

    Here come the need of FIP – Federation of Indian Philatelists…..who will look after the availability of Indian Philatelic Material to each hand.

    • Er.H.K.Jain says:

      claver dealers are procured philatelic material in bulk from corrupt postal bureau staff by paying extra premium amount ( for example 100-200 Rs. on M.S.bundle ).My advice to collector to open PDA in nearby bureau and ensure their required material, this is only better way.

  3. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Very True.
    Philately is no more an innocent hobby which was affordable….
    Something should be done to prevent hoarding of stamps. Why cant bureaus limit the supply ?

  4. Deepak Modi says:

    Infact its very easy to get required material through Philatelic Deposit Account scheme but the supply done through most of the bureaus is too late and does not make any sense to wait for 8 – 10 months & incidence like Raj Kumar Shukla issue made us (PDA holders) to think whether to relay on bureaus or not and feeling of insecurity make everyone to run behind stamps as they take birth.

    I remember that the Raj kumar Shulka was offered to me for Rs.40/- each stamp at INPEX EMPIREPEX 2001 at Nasik. I felt how this vendor is fooling to me by offering a Rs.3/- stamp for Rs.40/- I left the counter as I knew I will be getting it through my PD account. After contacting concern bureau I came to know that each PDA holder will get only 1 stamp against his/her standing order.

    That time being student the value of money was much more so I decided to search the same stamp in block of 4 at face value as which ever post office I can get in touch…..slowly I got busy and the subject was kept aside now today I have pocket full of money to buy such Rajkumar shukla but now there is not that kind of collecting flavor as it was when I was at college…….so still making my mind understand that today or 2moro I will get it as I wanted to get it……(I know I am fooling myself but after all not to forget stamp collecting is all about hobby and not a Profit & Loss a/c)

  5. Timir Shah says:

    Acc. to my view someone has purposelly created these issue by issuing so many varieties in 1 MS ?. The concern person should be punished / action to be taken against, whether a postal employee or a philatelist or a dealer.

  6. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Atleast these sort of philatelic varieties keep philatelists,investors & dealers as well, on the hunt to bell the cat.

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