Commemorative Zodiac Animal Stamps:A Lucrative Investment For Philatelists in China

\"\"China has been releasing the 12 zodiac stamps yearly since 1980 and they have all appreciated in value.
The year of the rabbit is jumping ahead with China Post\’s release of the latest addition to its zodiac stamp series to commemorate the year 2011.

And if sales of the stamps are any indication of the year ahead, it\’s off to a hopping good start with most stores selling out within four hours of their release.

The price of many old-edition stamps has increased a lot. It managed to put an end to the 13-year depressed stamp market, so collectors are very eager about purchasing the zodiac stamps this year. And stamp collectors this year are especially excited about their investments. The 1.20 yuan (18 US cent) stamps appreciated threefold in just one day. Because of such enthusiasm in the zodiac stamp investment, the value has been climbing since the beginning of this year.

One of the stamps was only worth 0.011 US cents 30 years ago – today, it\’s worth US$761. Last year\’s Tiger stamp has doubled its price, while the 2008 Ox stamp is worth 80 US cents today compared to 18 US cents 2 years ago. So it is turning out to quite a Happy New Year for stamp collectors this year.

China Post began issuing stamps based on the Chinese zodiac signs in 1980, which was the year of the monkey. According to the All-China Philatelic Federation, there are about 20 million collectors in the mainland to date.

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