Rath Yatra Miniature Sheet— A saga of delight but at what cost?

\"\"Special report-Virendra Dhundhara
Year 2010 witnessed a strange phenomenon in Indian Philately.After a long wait, a stamp was released on Rath Yatra alongwith a beautiful Miniature sheet.Miniature sheet, henceforth shall be termed as MS. MS indeed is beautiful. Not only the concept is beautiful but the look and colour combination is also matchingly attractive.By the time all i.e. collectors and dealers could enjoy the beauty of beautiful stamp and MS, a news trickled down that there are seven varities of this MS.
A mad race started to possess all the seven varities. The race did not stop here. It stretched beyond imagination when another newsv trickled down that there are nine varieties and not seven .As two additional varities emerged, it did indeed put all calculations in astray.. All this brought a big smile on the face of all i.e. Incharges of Bureaus and Dealers except the genuine collector. Their  mobile did not stop ringing.Genuine collectors are made to fend the dealer.Whome to blame for the present state of affair?In deed India Post can not escape from its due share for the simple reason:–
1.   Officially ther is no announcement as to how many varities are released by India Post.
2  . What is the quantity of each variety?
3.   Why varities since it has never happned in the past since 1973 when first MS was released?
4    What is the logic/resoning behind this concept of variety?
5    What was the basis of distribution of each variety across the country?
6.   Why no transperency in its distribution across the country in bureausHoardig of this MS started in a big way which led in the disappearence of some varities.
It made the collector to shed extra money from their pocket which increased in some case upto 200 times and even more.Probably destiny had more shocks in its stock. Another news appeared that India Post is planning to bring out a booklet on Rath Yatra during INDIPEX-2011 and use MS with white margin on the left in Booklets.There is panic like situation in the philatelic circle casting big spell of sadness on the faces of genuine collectors since all varities are available at very exhorbitant price and almost beyond the reach of big number of collectors and bringing a BIG SMILE on the faces of Hoarders and Dealers. Some of the dealers have already made a big fortune  in the process in such a short time.Beside there is big rumour in the market that few such lucky dealers and Hoarders are coaxing and canvassing the publishers and manufacturers of Philatalic material to include all the nine varitiies in their ensuing Albums on MS which is likely to see the light of the day any day.If that be case, it cast a big spell of doom on the face of many genuine collectors but will decidly send handful number of dealers dancing to their homes with both hand full with big BOOTY.Now we leave it to all to answer:–
A.Should the new album have space for all the nine varities or only MS WITH GOLDEN BORDER should only be included  since it the most common and with majority of the collectors.
B .Should it be allowed to become an item of delight for many or should it be made an item to bring richness to few.
Publishers should also go for introspection as it should serve the cause of Philately since they too had been and are basically Philatelist and Collector only or they should serve the cause of Philately or meet the greed of few who are thriving in the name of Philately and making a big HOLE in the pocket of collector.Should Not India Post become more collector friendly. Clean the web. Bring out more transperency in its policy of releasing stamps and its distribution system.Should it not promote Philately in its true sense instead of promoting few vested interests even if innocently who are mushrooming in a big way.
An open appeal to all, please do not hesitate in opening your heart and giving your opinion. Who knows that your opinion may become an eyeopener for India Post may shape the future of Indian Philately and may change the fate of Genuine Collectors.(to be continued)
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6 Responses to Rath Yatra Miniature Sheet— A saga of delight but at what cost?

  1. udit says:

    I agree that India Post is to be blamed for not giving out proper information…..but

    A. as fas as album is concerned, why is there any fuzz about the nine varieties…..obviously officially only one type of Rath yatra MS exists….the other varieties are technically not included in MS collection….Hence it is upon the collector if he’d like to have all 9 or just 1…..he is not bound to have all of them …..

    B. It has already become an item of delight…….No one restrict / control the wants of a collector….If there are varieties issued then obviously as a collector i would like to have all of them…..

    I am making a collection of traffic light (all sides)…..Now i cannot blame India Post for not giving me all the sides of traffic of each issue or information on that….It is upto me to arrange for it and to even pay higher price for it as it is distributed unevenly throughout INDIA….

    I have been viewing many articles against dealers over the web…..I believe dealers are being overrated a lot….Now a days collectors have also started small investment in philately…So should they be blamed too???
    Have we all forgotten the say “Philately is king of hobbies and hobby of Kings”……..this truly describes INDIAN PHILATELY

  2. udit says:

    And by the way….let me just state one more point…many people who are talking against the dealers on this website are also dealers (or investors) …….

    lol……now thats an irony

  3. Kamran Ahmad says:

    When someone will try to take monetary advantage from stamps,This hobby will convert in to business and than he can not enjoy the hobby.Stamp will convert in to shares.

  4. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    Many dealers have made fortune due to bad policy of India Post. It should be clarified that how many designs of Ratha Yatra MS have been issued. Who has designed these and why? Is it issued to show that how many variety India post can issue? Will such trend continue in future? There are many such questions arising in the mind of the collectors. If India Post will not wake up after this issue in the interest of the philatelist than God save the collector.


    Child part of one`s persona is wherein lies creativity. It is the Children in us philatelists that loves & admires the creative & informative art created on the cheap by unsung artists employed by GOI. But I think, our child should stop at the main course. Admire & behold just the beauty of colourful Jagannath Chariot & the scenery around it. Why look at the rarity of placement of traffic lights etc. that are technical guides for the printers. The beauty is in the main body only. All else is business talk. I personally do not care about traffic lights & gutter margins. GUIDE US LORD JAGANNATH….

  6. Dinabandhu says:

    I also do not care for margin , error etc. I just want to collect 4 pcs (block of 4) of each stamps issued and 2 MS from year 2009.
    I do not care how many are printed before. My very young son shows interest in Philately after seeing my old damaged / used stamp collection, which I was going to throw away almost after 15 years – yeah! I was an uneducated (in terms of Philately) collectors once.

    Still issues vanishes
    1. Dr. Triguna Sen and NCE – Not available in Delhi region. In ebay already price is approx 20 times higher. Hearsay is Imperforation error found.
    2. Krishnadeva Raya – MS – Imperforation error and colour missing error. Even against PDC standing order I got half of the required quantity i.e. 2. But in ebay I saw 5 sealed pckets was on option with highest bid of Rs 17’500 ( 7 times higher)
    3. Core of signals and Chitralekha also vanished too temporarily.

    4. Stamp issue is normally kept in the evening and getting a issue across the counter on the day of issue (in case the stamp is being released in the city) is not possible. FDC can be franked with cancellation upto six month but many cannot be posted on the day of issue – Is not there some rule in exhibition about FDC having franking (round date stamp) of the day of issue having some uniqueness.

    Common small collectors have to stand in queue in th psot office ; but some of the favoured one will be allowed entry to inside and they are often allowed to scan the whole package before either picking the packet or some from it. What do they search there? Errors for the sake of our errors of going to buy those at exorbitant cost.

    India post is having a website for the name sake. They found it too difficult to publish details like perforation gauge, size of the stamp (print / overall area) , Number printed , if miniature exists or not – if yes, how many etc. etc. Beside that even with published program there are many unexceptionably changes – like The united Theological college.

    In epost upto 5 stamps (when the links are working) can be ordered. There some old issues can be found – why? Returned by the first purchaser?!

    Getting everything (like FDC, MS or required amount of stamp) cannot be done in one single go to the counter. Common refrain is “received supply is not enough”. But the same stamp can be had from dealers in ample quantity albeit in higher price- Oh! Oh ! I keep on forgetting that Printing press supply direct to the supplier for reasons best know to them.

    Whereas other nations post like Faroe island, USPS, Norway and Denmark follows some different rules and paying government fixed premium one can have older stamps too. Here it is not possible – sure what is the need to make India post richer – the money will be swindled away in one scam or another. Rather let it go direct to beneficiary from few lucky …
    Why do we cry? – It is incredible India, where everything is corrupt and even our prime minister (though he is heard to be honest and I believe in it) admits it. Show me a department where palm greasing is not required and I shall give you a three rupees note.
    As rightly said by one friend – “it is hobby of the king and king of the …”. Privy purse and monarchy has become obsolete in most part of the world (sure a new class of monarchy has evolved in different form) so might be if the trend continues “Philately” will either evolves to a new form or will become obsolete.

    One gentleman long ago has said ” Survival of fittest” – May I be allowed to modify it ” survival of the richest/ or connected to correct person in philately”

    No lokpal, joke pal bill can change it other than something in similar line like French revolution (We need Charles Henry Samson among us very soon) or recently Liby.

    God bless us the small collector and show us way away from this hobby.
    Amen! Om! Amin!

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