UK will issue 14 stamps on WWF

Whether it’s safeguarding the natural world or tackling climate change, for half a century WWF has been at the forefront of protecting our planet’s resources.\"\"

Now Royal Mail is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the world’s leading conservation organisation with a total of 14 stamps issued on 22 March.

Created in 1961, WWF was formed by a group of eminent wildlife experts who launched the conservation organisation to tackle environmental problems across the world.

Half a century later, and now proud to have almost five million members, the natural world is still at the centre of WWF’s work, including the vital issues of climate change and the unsustainable way we are using our natural resources.

Royal Mail is issuing ten 1st Class stamps as two sheets with five se-tenant stamps across each, with the WWF panda logo in the lower left hand corner. Species involved in WWF conservation projects around the globe are depicted on the stamps.

Forests are the Post Europ theme for 2011 and next year is also The United Nations’ Year of the Forest, so the four-stamp miniature sheet highlights species of the Amazon rainforest, where WWF is also working with local communities to tackle deforestation and safeguard species and habitats.

Like the sheet stamps, each stamp on the miniature sheet will feature the WWF logo, while the First Class stamp bears the Post Europ logo.

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