Philatelic Passport -INDIPEX1997

\"\"The Philatelic Passport will be an attraction among philatelists during INDIPEX 2011.Having more than 70 countries participating at this exhibition, with a Philatelic Passport, collectors need to travel from country to country by visiting sales booths to buy the stamps and obtain the special datestamp cancellations of that participating country.When it is done, one will have completed his travel around the world. This is very exciting as the activity of traveling through the world would take place at just one venue.The philatelic passport has stamps with full postal cancellations on each page. These stamps together with the passport will be worth much more than the individual used stamps when removed.Noted philatelist Sreejesh Krishnan provides us images of Philatelic Passport of INDIPEX 1997.\"\"\"\"\"\"

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