Permanent Pictorial Cancellation Ahmedabad-Sidi Saiyad\’s Window

Ahmedabad philatelic bureau has a permanent pictorial cancellation of Sidi Saiyad\’s window.\"\"

The Sidi Sayed Mosque in Ahmedabad is  an ancient mosque of the city.

The mosque is famous all over the country because of its fantastic architecture and exquisite Jali work or stone tracery. The mosque is built of yellow stone and is an example of early Muslim architecture. In fact, the Jali work is a vivid example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The Jali work found on the windows of this mosque are worth admiring. The intricate and delicate carvings clearly highlight the talent of the craftsmen of the olden days. The stone has been carefully carved in order to create the filigree effect. The intricate carvings are fine examples of India\’s rich architectural heritage.

The Sidi Sayed Mosque  is  famous for the twin stone windows. The Jali work on the windows depicts palm trees with curved tendrils. The carvings are truly beautiful and praiseworthy. The Jali work is found in all the ten semi-circular windows of the mosque. The carved windows found on the western wall of the mosque are the most beautiful of them all. The carved screens depict floral patterns and designs.

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3 Responses to Permanent Pictorial Cancellation Ahmedabad-Sidi Saiyad\’s Window

  1. Naresh grawal says:

    The cancellation is nice. The start of this series of permanent pictorial cancellations of different places is very good as we people will get good information through this series. Such cancellations constantly speaks about the wide heritage we have all around.I remember once we had discussed the matter about issuing permanent pictorial cancellations with the minister of Tourism, Chhattisgarh state and requested him to start issuing such permanent pictorial cancellations from all the tourism points in state so that tourism industry was promoted and also became a collectible material for the philatelist world over. Kindly come up with some more such permanent cancellations of different places. Thanks……….

  2. vijay modi says:

    HAVE 18 permanent pictorial cancellations of different places OF GUJARAT ON POSTCARD.
    VIJAY MODI 09426413044

  3. Vidya K Baglodi says:

    Have in total 135 Pictorial cancellations of India out of which Kerala, T nadu,Karnataka are complete Gujarat I have only 17 can you help me with the list of Gujarat pls?
    Thanks and best regards

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