Year of the Rabbit stamps by Hong Kong

Hongkong will release  a set of special stamps for the \”Year of the Rabbit\” on 22nd\"\"Jan.2011.

Celebration of the Lunar New Year is an important Chinese tradition that brings together families and friends to share good wishes and renew acquaintances. It presents a popular and attractive theme as each year is marked by an animal of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, and Hongkong Post has been issuing special stamps to mark this auspicious occasion since 1967.

A stamp sheetlet embossed with genuine gold and silver marking the transition from tiger to rabbit is also available, while Hongkong Post has also produced a set of flock stamps featuring Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit and a stamp sheetlet featuring all 12 animals to mark this last issue in the third series.

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  1. raymond tan kay chung says:

    how can i buy the above rabbit stamp?please let me know

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