Anil Kr. Pujara

India  Post has commenced the online booking of 1st ever stamp on KHADI being released on the inagural day of INDIPEX 2011. The booking has started for the Special PRESENTATION PACK which includes A Miniature Sheet.The frequently asked questions are as below:—-

1.Cost of Presentation Pack————————-Rs.250/=\"\"

2.Cost of Postage—————————————-Rs.25/=per order

3.Maximum no os sets one can book————10 nos.

4.Delivery——can be obtained at the Venue

Earlier there was confusion that perhaps postage will have to be paid for each presentation pack.This confusion is now cleared by India Post on their official site.http:/
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5 Responses to Booking of KHADI STAMPS—REVISED UPDATES

  1. Kasinath says:

    I already sent DD by calculating Rs. 275 per pack. then how and when will India Post refund the extra money for those who ordered multiple packs and paid Rs. 275 each?

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Suppose I book 4 sets in one order, what postage I will have to pay? Rs. 25/- or Rs. 100/- ?

  3. udit says:

    I wish this post had been posted a little earlier….i already paid Rs. 225 extra on 10 packs….now ill simply wait for india post to hopefully refund the money…

    They made it very clear on the website earlier that it is Rs. 275/- per pack but actually it is only Rs. 25/- per order (whether it is 1 or 10 packs)

  4. jatin balvant says:

    i want 4 packs of khadi stamp, please forward me the order form for the same.
    Thank you
    Jatin Balvant

  5. S.R.K.L.N.Raju says:

    i want 5 packs of khadi stamp, please forward me the order form for the same.
    Thank you

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