400 years since the birth of St. Vasilije of Ostrog

\"\"Poste Srpske have issued a miniature sheet which consists of 2 stamps.

St. Vasilije of Ostrog the baptismal name of Erik, his mother and father Anastasius Peter Jovanovic, was born in Popovo Selo, Herzegovina in 1610. As a small child, he was raised in the Orthodox spirit, and it was full exceptional clarity and diligence.

To save his son from invasion of Turks, his parents took him to a nearby monastery Zavala, where his uncle was the abbot monk Seraphim. Most of the time spent in the monastery library, where he studied primer, breviary, and the first prayer.

Realizing that Stojan grown affection for monastic life, his uncle sends him in the monastery, the seat of the Diocese of Trebinje. Stojan, a novice monk vows, gotten the name of Vasilije, and soon after became a deacon, then receives the priesthood. As Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina and Skenderia he lived in the monastery, serving the Orthodox faith, and protecting the faithful from Turkish savagery.

When the Turks destroyed Tvrdos, Vasilije moved to Ostrog Monastery, where he continued his ascetic life and where he died in 1671.

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