Collector\’s Pack 2009

India Post prepared collector\’s pack 2009 which is now available in many philatelic bureaux.

Stamps in pack-104                Price-800Rs


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3 Responses to Collector\’s Pack 2009

  1. IGAL HORDAN says:

    Dear Sirs
    I would like to order collector’s packs starting 2000 untill 2010.
    Please advise payment terms and price list by return e-mail.

    Thanks and Kind Regards


  2. rajendran says:

    iam also interested in buying collectors pack from 2005 to 2011

    pls.inform me the datails abt availablity and where to order and payment details.
    thanking you


    What one can find in a phila-bureau is usually the latest Yr. pack
    received by that bureau. So, contact a philatelic bureau near you.
    Luckily, some older year packs may also be there!
    A list of philatelic dealers who do not sell through internet shops
    is available on the internet. Then there are several dealers who
    have internet shops. On e-bay you can find both indian &
    foreign stamp dealers.

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