Another CWG Controversy:Colour Trial or Error?

By Virendra Dhundhara

This is not the Commonwealth Games Fraud.It is rather a philatelic FRAUD / philatelic impropriety that has taken place and going on for quite a long time.\"\"

The above scan shows the so called CWG MS ‘ERROR’ i.e. colour missing + Imperf both in one MS…In one scan Red colour is missing and in other Yellow colour.Now we know ; 

  1. There has never been any error known till now that is an IMPERF + ONE COLOUR MISSING COMPLETELY
  2. Secondly we know that for a fact, There are colour trials made of every  stamp before finalising the colour and Design of the stamp 

COLOUR TRIAL’ (s) are made to suggest various options before choosing the final colour combination of the stamp. It is purely confidential to the Department of Post. They are generally made in both IMPERF form and Perf form. 

Considering the above two facts, it is safe to assume that the above scans of the so called errors are actually colour trials and not ERRORS. They are illegal to sell/trade, Non-exhibit item. 

Colour Trials that exist today in the market of philately are objectionable items which are procured by dealers through undesirable/objectionable means. They are then sold at a very high price depending upon the number of CT’s (colour trials) leaked in the market. 

This particular CWG MS is sold as an error at a very high price, but for the record – DO NOT BUY IT as an ERROR. It is a shame for INDIAN PHILATELY that such copies are being traded. It is only by the awareness and willingness of the Philatelists that it can be stopped. The only way to stop these kinds of trades is by reporting it to the DOP and most importantly by not buying illegal items.

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2 Responses to Another CWG Controversy:Colour Trial or Error?

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    It is party time for dealers,It is ridiculous to pay high for errors at least for me.I also hate to pay high for recent issues.Even i miss sai baba stamp and now asking to pay very much.Any hobby when loosen your pocket with unexpected it is better to avoid these things.
    I don’t see it as an investment,Just keep collecting .


    Anybody reading this interested in Public Interest Litigation?
    How did these studio n Security Press COLOR TRIALS come out
    in the market!!! As if suspected nexus was not enough – we have this
    SCAM. Co-incidentally this one too belongs to CWG. Any influential
    OR not so influential MR. H’ble JUDGE reading this please take cognizance .

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