Indian Philately 2010-A Bird\’s eye view

By-Anil Kr.Pujara

In the year 2010, India Post sh0wed  marked improvement from the previous year as regards release of no. of stamps, M.S. and Sheetlet.

In brief the details of  Stamps, M.S  and sheetlets issued during 2010 are as below:-

  1. Total no. of stamps released in 2010                                     91
  2. No. of stamps of Rs. 5 denomination                                    88
  3. No. of stamps of Rs. 20/- denomination                                03
  4. Out of 91, total stamps on Personalities are  more then 33%           31
  5. Total No. of M.S                                                                    12
  6. No. of Sheet lets                                                                     01
  7. Se-tenant                                                                                 01
  8. No. of official Booklets (Regional  Circles)                         16
  9. Presentation Pack issued by India Post                                  15

10.  Presentation Pack by Regional Circle                                               02

11.  Total no. of FDC’s issued in 2010                                         60

12.  Most Sensational M.S issued in 2010 (because of 9 varieties) Rath Yatra

Total face value of stamps issued in 2010                             Rs. 500/-

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